Sunday, October 16, 2011


The First Real Clue:  Kitties, Are any of you running Kaspersky anti-virus program on your computers? It seems that a Friday update to Kaspersky may have added blogspot to its "blacklist"--aaugh, but at least it's a clue about what the heck is going on!  
NB: Since I use my laptop on the network at my work, I unfortunately can't delete Kaspersky (of course it also means I can't see blogspot blogs there either)! Grrrrr. Just have to make do for awhile I guess! You'll have to forgive us if for now we can only respond to text instead of the pictures of all your glorious selves!
I am fretting today over our Blogger problems. Even though the Human found a temporary way for us to see our own posts (yay, Photobucket!), we still can't see our furiends' pictures! 
We hope crazy Blogger will get a fix going because now the Human is starting to see more unhappy and frustrated people discussing the same problem on the Blogger-Problems site.
Meanwhile, I am here looking all sad and soulful. 
Do you think someone could come over and cheer me up?


  1. Spitty, we are bushing our teefs and we're on our way!

    Mommy uses Norton...has your Human tried using a different computer? Or is it directly related to your account? stoopid Blogger.

  2. Whoa! Look at you. I'll be arriving shortly. Nasty computer viruses! Hiss! xoxo

  3. Spitty, can you Mom turn off the Kapersky virus program as a test?

    Wow, that must have taken some sleuthing to find that out. Audrey and I would be happy to teleport over and keep you busy so you don't have to dwell on the problem.

  4. Spitty
    We use AVG ... maybe on the Kapersky site there is a fix for this? Why would they have blogger on the bad list? We are purring for you Spitty.


  5. We use Symantec, Spitty. That's what the mom's university uses and because she bought her laptop through the campus computer store, that's what we use at home too. So we've had no problems and hope your human will have a resolution to this very soon!

  6. Computers are hard! Sorry you are having troubles. We use Norton.

  7. Spitty, we think blogger has been doing lots of strange things lately. Like we can't use Internet Explorer to visit some of our furiends' blogs...we're unable to leave comments. We sure hope a fix is coming because you gotta see your furiends!!

    FYI, we have Norton as our anti-virus.

  8. Spitty my friend, mom use Mac Clean once ! but she use clear browsing data for internet sometimes because it's too many junk there, and some time it cause a problem, we used Google Chrome and Firefox , so far so good. I hope all works for you and no problem my friend

  9. My mommy has a Mac and no antivirus. Come over here and you and mommy can type up your bloggie and you can look at pictures too. Then, a little half and half on the rocks?

  10. Oh no, Spitty - Wordless Wednesday is going to suck for you! I hope that anti-virus software comes up with a fix soon!

  11. Is it crowded house over there yet? I'm making my rounds; will come over later tonight to help work the tension out of those shoulders...

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  12. Spitty I like your spooky pikshure an if you wud likes to come play at mai howse we haz da sunshines an we iz on da catio

  13. AVG is what we use ... puter problems or rather programs dat cause puter problems stink! We is sorry yoo is hasin issues.


  14. We will all come cheer you up Spitty, that sure sounds like more fun than my sisters chasing me!

  15. Yikes, computers can be a real pain! We're on our way over now, Spitty!

  16. As soon as I can charge up the teleporter, I'll be over, Spitty!

    We use Avast. We're having the same problem as the Island Cats. Though if we use firefox, everything works OK. Hope you can ferret out the problem.

    Taffy and that woman

  17. Poor Spitty. We're going to pack our bags and head over to cheer you up!

    Love, Cosmo and Ling
    (Boomer said he won't be going over or he just might smack you over Admiral)

  18. Mom has been 'fretting' too acause yesterday, blogger said our website disappeared. And before that, she had problems seeing photos. Poor Mom ain't too bright anyhow on puter stuff....MOL
    She said maybe she shud get photobucket too
    xoxo Kassey

  19. Ok NOW I know what was going on!

    I use Kaspersky AND Blogger and I didn't have any of that taking place.

    Did everyone else have that too?

  20. We don't have Kapersky but our av was doing the same thing and we found our av was marking a lot of blog photos as "could harm computer." We went to our av, but now we wonder whether this is blogger or av problem? We've been looking but can't find the right subject matter for blogger help you mentioned.


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