Saturday, October 15, 2011

Muggy Misery

UPDATE:  6 p.m.
Well, I have found a temp workaround for posting. If I upload my pix to Photobucket first & then load them into Blogger from there, I can at least see my OWN pictures, although no one else's (except non-Blogger friends).  So, it's a start.  We'll see what's what tomorrow.
Sigh, Bad computer!

Hi Kittehs! We loaded these pics before everything went kerflooey on us and we think MAYBE other people can see them....dunno for sure! Happy Caturday to all!
If any smart Blogger folk can help solve our problem, we'll send you a gajillion toonas! (More explanation at top of Friday's post!)
Note:  I've tried Chrome, IE, Firefox, cleared cache, rebooted....done everything I can think of. Aaaaugh! Maybe it's the weather ;-)
Note #2:  Last night, I posted on a Blogger forum for help & this a.m. see several responses & other posts from people having the same issue, so perhaps it IS a Blogger issue? Anyway, stay tuned!
Note #3: I can see pictures at Brian's, Nellie's, Sparkle's, Island Cats--all non-blogspot addresses. This is making me crazy! Well, I'm off to the East Bay for the day...maybe things will heal themselves in my absence!


  1. YUp, we can see your pictures.
    Mom will email you about an idea she has.

  2. I see you! You gorgeous hunka hunka burnin' love.

  3. OH SHOOT! We have no idea what is going on with your pictures...can you load photos in other places? Have you tried creating a test blog? Mommy is very nervous for you; your brand new toy isn't working...aaaauuuuugh!

  4. We can see your pictures, Spitty, and by the way, your new header looks fab! Super spooky!

    We're sorry that you can't see your handsome self or anyone else's pictures, either, but we have no idea what could be wrong. We hope you get it figured out soon, and until then we have the sads right along with you.

  5. I see your mighty fine pictures too Spitty! No doubt there is a smart one out there that can help!

  6. We can see you, Spitty!

    Caroline says there sure looks like enough room for her to snuggle, too.

  7. Hi Spitty! We hope things get straightened out quick. We must see your gorgeousness on a regular basis!

  8. We can see your pictures, no problem! I hope blogspot isn't going to start the nonsense again...

  9. Hi Spitty, nice to meet you! I saw your comment on Katnip Lounge's blog - I'm having the opposite problem as I can see your pictures and other people's, but a few people have told me that they can't see mine... I was worried that it was something I'd done but now I'm thinking it must be something with Blogger. I haz a sadface too!!
    Anyway fingers crossed it fixes itself soon =^..^=

  10. Crossing our paws Blogger isnt going all mousie again! So far, we arent havin anny problems Have you tried changing to the new Blogger interface?

  11. I don't know what your problem was, Spitty - as you mentioned, I'm not on Blogger - but hopefully it is fixed now!

  12. Spitty
    We can see your pictures just fine but we are wondering what happened ....
    Going back to check earlier post...

  13. We think you are loading straight from Blogger?
    Not from PIcasa, right?
    We load all of our pictures from Picasa and we can't see any weird stuff doing it that way. But we haven't seen any pictures on blogs that we can't see. We don't know, what could be happening.

  14. We can see your handsome face, Spitty.
    But it must be so frustrating to have such problem. It happened to me, too. It was solved when I tried Chrome but you've already done it...I'm sorry, I have no idea what is wrong. Since there are other people having the same problem, I hope Blogger will resolve the issue.

  15. Spitty, we can see you stretched out there!! We don't know what the problem is/was...we hope it's fixed now!!

  16. Dearest Spitty,
    Me can see yous! And me is glad that yous can sees mes. Too bad the post today does not have any pictures of me in it.
    Sending your computer healing purrs

  17. I can see your handsomeness, Spitman. Blogger has all kinds of screwy problems. If TW wasn't so lazy, we'd be on Wordpress by now.

  18. As Nellie says - we are sending bloggy healing purrs. When all of a sudden, maybe a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't post to Selina's (Faith)blog, I tried everything, no luck. It's an IE problem as everything was OK when I used firefox. Hope you can solve the problem.

    Laura and Taffy

  19. I can see your pictures Spitty. If my mum can help in any way, you can email me.


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