Monday, September 9, 2013

♫ ♫ O Tailio, O Tailio . . .♫

Much pleasure can'st thou give me
O Tailio, O Tailio
How richly Cod has decked thee! ♫

And now for the Guantanamo San Francisco Baywatch:
New Viceroys
Flynn:  Cow Hollow
Savannah:  Bay Bridge (East)
Island Cats:  Bay Bridge (West)
Kitties Blue:  Treasure Island
Oliver: Alcatraz and surrounding waters (on Probation per Ms. Stella)
Jura, Javaa & Sampo:  Golden Gate Bridge (under strict supervision of Punapippuri)
Binga: Tenderloin (nominated by Sparkle)

Nerissa, Sammy, Timmy Tomcat, Raven, Austin and the LoungeCats are all currently awaiting remote assignments. Stay tuned!
Have I missed anyone? Remember: This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of Viceroydom. Hurry or all the best neighborhoods will be taken! Upper Market and Twin Peaks are of great strategic importance!


  1. We call Sin City!!!

    Um. That would be Las Vegas (Nevada).

  2. Hahahaha at Katnip Kats.

    And at Sparkle for Binga....

    You have a beautiful tail.

  3. Tenho certeza que todos ficarão satisfeitos, você é um soberano muito justo.
    Spitty a sua rede está bem confortável, parece que sua humana conseguiu arrumá-la.

  4. Did you feel that tremor? That was Screamoline falling over at the sight of that tailio.

  5. Wait, hold the phone... You get to call location???? Oooooooh, this is a ponderable for sure!

  6. We are out of the loop so we don't know what is happening with that map, but your tail is indeed a force to be reckoned with!

  7. Binga thinks the Tenderloin is something edible.

  8. King Spitty! Moosey, Gracie and Zoe want in! How about Potrero Point or Twin Peaks?

  9. Has anyone taken da Hood? You have a little ghetto cat who may be innerested.

    BTW, that's some tailio! That's why when I get all puffy tailed, TW calls it my Spitty Tail. Heh heh.

  10. What about us? You aren't holding any grudges are you?

    BTW, the mom is still laughing!

  11. Well all we can say is that Oliver deserves Alcatraz given his 'Cat from Hell' status he earned for stealing both neighbors doggie toys from 4 different dogs! I'm wondering now if they didn't have a paw in his unfortunate swimming fiasco...hummmmm.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  12. We like the idea of having Twin Peaks.

    It reminds us of Mommy...

  13. Maybe Stran better be God Emperor of Da Hood ? But he's not really a gangsta kitty - Aila is more suited to that! Hehehe.

    As viceroys do we have to salute the Tailio every morning ?

  14. Spitty, you da man! We just showed our mom what we did and she is so, so happy. Not only were she and our dad married there (40 years ago) but so were Dad's sister and brother! And wow do we have great kitties watching over both ends of the Bay Bridge. We feel privileged to be sandwiched between them. Sending you EXTRA purrs and hugs, your humble Viceroys, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  15. you are annexing your realm to other counties and states too spitty?

    btw, our mom wanted to ask if she can hug and kiss the top of your head. she finds you extremely kissable.

    emma and buster

  16. Chinatown, eh? Hmm. I was a little offended when you offered such a tiny neighborhood but the Chinese do love their food...
    I'll have to think about it. It just doesn't seem right for Queen Tutu to rule such a tiny area. Chinatown isn't even on the map! Or is it?

  17. Spitty, that is one handsome tail to go with your handsome face.
    That is so great that everyone has their little own hoods. Take care.

  18. The cat is not sure he wants a place in america, earthquakes, fires and smog down your way.

  19. You sure have a comfy spot to dish out the assignments Spitty!

  20. Oohhh... I'm on the list? I can't wait to find out where my 'assignment' will be.

    Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO!!!


  21. Oh Spitty what a magnificent tail you have!

  22. If I had a tail like that I'd be singing too....alas I have your regular, run of the mill, non interesting but stripey tail. :( I've been thinking about getting extensions - would that work????

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  23. Yay the map is getting more and more furry :-) And your tail is furry gorgeous, Spitty!

  24. I could use that tail as a feffer duster in my house Bawahwhahhwhaa xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  25. dood...meowloz frum de heart oh de citee wher any thing can happen....

    itza kewl 66 two day N de forecast bee callin for fog N sun ore may bee sun then fog....itz all good noe matter...

    traffic iz mewvin smooth lee on de bay bridge N therz a spesh ull two day over at Mom's ...stop by N tell em TOTT sent ya...N we due knot meen de kid next door....

    N ree ceeved 15 % off yur next tat

    peace out N rock on


  26. So exciting! How remote do you want me to be? I can do remote! How about outer space? Though it might not be big enough for my huge ego! (The Staff made me write that!!!!!)

  27. I have never heard South Beach, Park Merced or Potrero Hill. BUT I definitely know Chinatown! With Chinatown located all over the world, it makes me so happy just thinking of being Queen of all Chinatowns. WOO HOO!

    ...Queen Tutu of all Chinatowns

  28. That's a great picture of you Spitty. Can't wait to see where you put everyone.
    Sue B

  29. Oh Spitty, your tail is awesome! It looks like it's been recently brushed! Wow, you have TONS of viceroys now! You're surrounded by protection!

    Star says: Your tail looks sumptuous! Thank you for all the encouraging words, and the snuggles!

  30. Spitty my dear love. Mom was really really being dragged thru a knothole backwards so I missed your post. That so rarely happens. And I saw yous too and moderated it. Exciting news for Halloween. I am looking forward to a whisper UTB about it all. Oh, and some haff and haff too.

  31. I am very honoured to be Viceroy of Cow Hollow.
    That is a magnificent tailio!

  32. Are you practicing for the holidays already, Spitty?

    Hey, thanks for giving us a Viceroyership. (Is that how you refer to it??) We'll work good with Savvy and make sure that Bay Bridge is taken care of!

  33. wellllllll....about time! Cannot believe you forgot me in that first go round Spitty... and I was your Valentine date, and I always stick up for you when the girls all whine about you being a "Lothario" I only got HALF the Bay Bridge...unhuh...fine...had no idea I was gonna have to share the BB AND TI...sheesh

  34. Oh! My! Cod!!!!
    Mes goes to the Hills Garlic Festival (where me was totally un-plugged!!!)
    How does mes becomes a viceroy! PLEASE PLEASE tells me Spitty!
    Kisses (and a ear cleaning - gratis)

  35. Do you have anything with crabs? The crustaceans!

  36. O Spitty-O, that's some kinda flooftastic Tailio.

    I would offer to take on wutever viceroy-dom is overrun wif rodents, but I do have my paws full over here. The Childrens saids they counted 5 animuls (whole and in pieces parts) in the back yard, but I fink they missed a few.


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