Saturday, February 21, 2015

Overly-Sharpened Sunday Semi-Selfie

Well, the Human got a little carried away with Photoshop, and is too l-a-z-y to go back and fix it. Of course.

As you can see, my sparkly green ball is alive and well, and has *not* (despite suggestions to the contrary) traversed my digestive tract. As if! It is right there, waiting happily for my attentions later this evening.

Spring continues its untimely course, creating sun puddles galore and leaving nothing but dust in its wake. 

The time for my nappy, which knits up the raveled sleeve of care, has arrived and I am powerless to resist.

Hope efurry kitty is having an Easy Sunday!


  1. Send or share some warms please. Tired of cold and white outside.

  2. No becoming a digested thing, is a good fate for both of you

  3. Erm, can you send some of that how-you-say Spring this way. The peeps went shopping and walked a mile home through heavy snow. Yech. Glad your green ball is safe. I love my green ball too and wouldn’t think about eating it.

  4. Yes pal, please send some Spring our way too. Winter is awful this year.

  5. I would like some ,and I will try a poopy of my red sparkle ball!

  6. Enjoy your EASY Sunday!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. You're writing very poetically today, Spitty. Must be the laze of Sunday that has allowed your thoughts to drift towards prose of the purple persuasion.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. oooooooh, SPITTY! We see your whisker holes!!!


  9. Oh Spitty we would love some of your sun, but I think the East coast needs to send us all some of the moisture it is hogging. Have a great Easy my friend!

  10. I have a sparkly purple ball, but my human took it away after finding purple sparklies in the litter box.

  11. I am very relieved that you haven't taken to pooping sparkly green balls. Enjoy your sun. I have torrential rain so will spend my day in front of the fire.

  12. Have a serene and easy Sunday Spitty.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. I'm glad your ball is still alive, seems it has magic power :o)have an easy sunday too :o)
    easy rider

  14. At least you're having a ball today Spitty!

  15. We sure are glad to know that green ball is okay, Spitty!

    Hey, can we teleport over there for a visit? It's cold and not nice here...

  16. The sun is out here! Sun puddles all over the place...but it's cold!

    Noodle and crew

  17. I too know the woes of (knockoff fake) photoshop... Sharpen.. lighten.. brighten.. sharpen.. argh! Undo undo!!! Oh my eyes!! But seriously, your don't look bad at all!
    Have a good nappy in the sun, you lucky boy! All we have is cold and snow and very little sun peeking through!

  18. Selfie's of yous is so much fun! Mes loves your comments about your human, mine most often edits mine so mes does not present her in a bad light.
    And Mes LOVES your sparkly green ball...mes would never think it went through your digestive tract (tee hee)

  19. xxoxo
    Ms. S

  20. Enjoy your sun puddle nap Spitty! If you can, send some of that spring our way.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  21. Glad to see your green sparkle ball is safe & waiting for you to play with it tonight. For now, rest well my sweet King & absorb all the warms from that perfect sun puddle. We have had spinglike weather here is Portland all winter and today is sunny & 55 degrees. We feel sads for our friends in cold & snowy places. We just finished helping our human plant several pots of primroses. It was lovely to sniff the fresh dirt & inspect all the colorful flowers. We really could care less about flowers, but they do serve their purpose of attracting the hummy birds that live around here. One day will get fast enough to whap or even catch one of those dang little buggers. We do not care for their attacks while we are sunning ourselves on our benches. They buzz our heads & even hit our ears with their tiny wings, They better be careful, 'cuz one day us kit-tehs may surprise them with our stealth speediness. We also had to remind mom that she needs to buy us a couple of nip plants so they can be grown into nice sturdy bushes for us to nom & nibble on by April. Every since mom turned 50, she has to write everything on a list or it never gets done. Mom would forget all the impawtant stuff if we didn't pester her.

    Gotta go Spitty, we've been hunting a frog that is out on our deck all morning. He is croaking really loud, but the only frogs that can climb up this high are tiny tree frogs that like to live under the plants water saucers. Still, they are fun to find & see them hop around. We really don't like to touch them as they are pretty icky to touch & they smell very weird. Last week all the frogs living in the muddy bottom of the pond across the street came up to the top & started singing their spring chorus. They are over a month ahead of schedule, but it is a sure sign spring is here. We hope all our furriends in cold & snowy places warm up soon. Enjoy your sun puddle snoozing Spitty & soak up all those nice warms into your most excellent floofyness.

  22. hey, Spitty, you should have added your semi-selfie to our blog hop. You would be a welcome addition. We do have some sun puddles today but more snow on the way. Wish we could say that spring is here or even in the vicinity. Enjoy, your kingliness! XOCK, Kitties Blue


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