Monday, January 25, 2016

The King Is Comfertabuls;
The Human Is Not

I know there have been several shots 
of what I think of as "Radiator Porn.
But it is where I hang out these days
and often it's this or no picture at all, and
Dear Cod! what a tragedy that would be.

The Human has acquired a new man in her life: 
Too bad he's a podiatrist
She has a bone spur on her heel as well as a formerly-ruptured-but-now-sort-of-healing Achilles tendon. 
Part of the treatment for this is contrast baths Water Torture.
The warm side is fine, she says, but it doesn't take long
for the ice-water part to make her foot 
scream loud enough to be heard in Albuquerque.


  1. Ow, that really DOES sound like water torture!
    Spitty, we all LOVES radiator porn. Makes us feel all warm and cozy.

  2. Ice water? Dere's no way I'd do dat!

  3. OMC! TW feels for your human. Her heel started barking last night but there’s no way she’d dip it in ice water. Does she go to Dr. Sadist? I thought he was a v-e-t.

  4. Warm water is bad enuff... cold water??? No way!

  5. Be a little nicer to your mom since she's having some feets trouble ok Spitty?

    Emma and Buster

  6. So THAT'S what we heard! Eek, Spitty, you must be deaf!

    P.S. My mom's feet went all freezy just thinking about that ice water.

  7. Too bad the radiator doesn't count as PT for your human's feet - or maybe that's a good thing - more radiator for you!

  8. Now Spitty - it's time for you to step up and be extra kind to your Human. Her condition sounds very painful indeed.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. My mom-person say´s that a heel spur is nothing to play with !
    She had that a couple of years ago and couldn´t walk properly for months.
    The only shoe that she could walk in was a pair of MBT´s

  10. Freezing water? No way! Enjoy your comfort whilst your human screams!

  11. OH MY COD! Spitty! You must help her out with strong snuggles!

  12. Just looking at the ice and water in that pan gave me the willies! Be kind to your feet; Spitty depends on them to deliver to him food and scritches...

  13. We don't blame her for not wanting to put her paw in that ice water. Who would?!?

  14. Ohh that just sounds awful!! Your poor mom. Is there no other treatment?

  15. Hey, "he's a DOCTAH" and a SPECIALIST", she should come on to him. Flaunt a little, bring him a dessert. Show some intrest... Would it hurt so much to wear something a little more flattering. Like "tighter"? Lose a few pounds mebbe?

  16. Spitty dear, you need a longer bed! You're hanging off the end! I just know there was a dr Seuss story like that somewhere... I don't blame you for sleeping by the heat source, it's THE place to be!
    We hope your human's foot gets better soon!

  17. Ugh! Tell your mom we're sending our soft purrs (and wearing ear muffs)!

  18. You definitely look comfortable, Spitty! As for your human's bone spur ... ouch! Our male human used to be a pitcher, and had to have a bone spur removed from his elbow about 9 years ago.


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