Saturday, October 7, 2017

                        Caturday: Let the Games Begin


  1. Yaaaay - this will be a fun day.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. That looks like a whole big bunch of fun Spitty!

  3. Spitty Love Of My Life, I was delayed attending to TBT while he worried. But If I come over now and sit on the lap of yer Being, would you join me there and thrill both of us?

  4. Ah Spittikins-The Great, I am here my dearest. TBT is all lay-a-bed this morning and while that does have some advantages, his furlessmess is never Quite right. I pawsitvely desire and want your furry head warming my tummy as you snore softly and regally into temporary oblivion as we join our purrs together in slumberishness harmony.

    TBT will hardly even know I am gone, thinking I an merely napping in a cosy corner of the bedroorm!

    You wouldnt have any treats around, BTW, would you My Special One?


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