Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Selfie: Box. Feather. Spitty.

This has turned out to be one heckuva box, Human. Thanks for not throwing it away.

But honestly, is the price for 10 minutes of playtime yet more photos to prove I don't sleep 24/7?

I mean, I almost do, but that's because you're so old and boring.


  1. Well, Spitty, sometimes you need to take what you can get! Humans, you know!

  2. Hey - having your photograph taken doesn't hurt and it means that your blog posts are filled with eye candy for us!

    If you're starting to feel that the Human is old and boring, it may be time to trade her in for a newer model.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. We think you should try the Amazon A2 box. It would fit better.

  4. Great shots of you with the father Spitty.

  5. But what about the contents of the box, Spitty? Was is something for you? Because it should have been.

  6. Spitty, I like that last photo, 'cause we can see two white whiskers!

  7. That does look like a pawsome box, Spitty. Hopefully your human won't take it away from you.


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