Thursday, September 29, 2011

(Still) Not a Garden Tour #10

The Human and the Introoder went to Treasure Island last Caturday.
Look, Kitties, look. See the water.
See the island for Bad People. Like Al Capone. Empty now. Guess there are no more Bad People?
Here is a 40' naked lady sculpture from last year's Burning Man. 
She lives on the Island now. She lights up at night. 
That would be fun to see.
Junque at the flea market.
Not a party *I* would wish to attend, however.
This Giant Rooster was about 3' tall.
This cat crown was marked $200.00. Somebody's kidding, right?
This guy made cool signs from photographs of letters.
The Human bought one and hung it by our front door so people will see it when they leave. 
The new Bay Bridge rises in front of the old--and gee, it
has only been 22 years since the earthquake. Quick work, eh?

Thanks for sticking with my Not-a-Garden-Tour all the way to the end!


  1. Darling, it was a pleasure..just like your satiny furs.

  2. Thanks for the tour, Spitty. Wow, they are taking their time with the bridge, are't they?

  3. We like the peace out sign. Does it make visitors leave sooner?

  4. Great tour! I've loved both of my visits to the CBTB and hope to come back very soon. Love the sign the Human bought!

  5. We really enjoyed the town tour! That is just so cool! Love the sign by your door.
    Thanks Spitty!

  6. Mom & Dad just watched Charlie Chan at Treasure Island a movie from the late 30's/early 40's(?) which took place at the fair they held there!
    After the movie there was a information retrospective about building the island and all about the fair and the times. Way cool!

  7. Thank you so much for the tour. Peace. OUT.

  8. Very interesting photo shoot! Thank you for posting these. It's nice to see far away places.

  9. K; why didn't they burn the lady? That's the whole point of Burning Man. Now I'm curious, though she is quite beautiful.

    I LOVE your sign!!! (when That Woman autographs her books she signs them 'Piece Out!' - get it? neither did I. She says it's cos she doesn't do traditional 'pieced' quilts and she's a word geek--) whatever.

    I'm certain they just had the decimal place in the wrong spot on the cat crown? Are you sure your name wasn't stamped inside it? Seems to me it was MEANT for YOU Sir Spitfire! Seriously, it should be yours no matter the cost; tell your human to work harder next time & make sure she doesn't come home without it! Give her your 'Black Spitty card'. MOLMOLMOL!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  10. Great tour! Thanks fur sharing it wif us. We luf the Peace Out sign!

  11. Was that Alcatraz Island the humans were looking out at in photo #3? My human has been there. Not because she was bad (although she should have been there a bunch of times since I've known her!) - she was interviewing the singer of some band called Jethro Tull. I don't know what he was doing there - maybe he's bad too. But that was many kitty generations ago.

  12. WE really enjoyed this tour, it was quite exciting to see those interesting things

    peace out and bonks

  13. Mommy wants to know if the naked lady shoots beams of light out of areas.

  14. Whoa! Not sure I like all that water. When TW went to SF, she did that boat ride past Al-Cat-raz (whoever he was) and Hearst's castle. Wonder why the Introoder didn't get the hint when she bought that OUT sign.

  15. Oh Spitty
    We love the not garden tour.
    It is always so much fun to see your city.

  16. Spitty, it just doesn't seem right that you don't get to take these tours, too. Did she at least get you the giant rooster? He looks like he'd make a good pet for you. You could ride him and stuff.

  17. Great tour! It looks like that truck is going to the lamest party ever.

  18. Jeez, Spitty, if she woulda taken you along, you coulda been a island us!!

  19. Love the tour, Spitty! My boss (past tense) was going under the bridge in a boat when it collapsed. Yeah, he made it back.

    Laura and Taffy

  20. The Man and Woman got to sleep in a tent on Treasure Island...they said the place has a great view but they don't recommend camping there because of the wind and the foghorns.

    And that is one freaky nekkid woman...maybe that's the view the Man liked...


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