Thursday, March 22, 2012

(Return of the) Not-a-Garden-Tour #12

The Human had a random day off a couple of weeks ago, so she took her car into a garage about a mile away to be worked on. On her walk home, she captured these exciting photos of weekday life in her neighborhood.
This is not what I'd call a reassuring name for a business.
Is this truck spewing something out or sucking something up? Either way, it can't be good.
If you're going to write instructions on the street, could you use a more restful color?
See how effective these 'No Parking' signs are?
We are getting new tracks . . .
. . . for these.
If the Human had a reading lamp like this one, she wouldn't need new glasses.
Who knows what this guy was doing with his rope, but the speed bump sign was a new one to the Human! 
And here we are back on our little street. 

And that's it for our Not-a-Garden-Tour! Maybe next time we can find a flower or two.


  1. I LOVE seeing the neighborhood and where you live, King Spitty. Moare!

    Yes, Admiral was a Lady Cat among Lady Cats with her admirers and her gentle handling of them. I'm a rank amateur. But then, she was a Tortie. They are little hussies sometimes. Me, I'm a young LadyCat of gentle persuasion and Boomie spoke for me. He sings to me and shares his hammick and moon gazing time wif me.


  2. You're right Spitty (of course!) the WV over at Ms Stells's house let me get away with flagrant violations. xoxox

  3. Mom says maybe the limo service wants visitors to think they will be good at getting them to the airport so they can get AWAY from the quake threat in time and not stay any longer than they need to!

  4. Your human took some very insightful pictures of your neighbourhood. I was a little scared of that spewing/sucking truck. Looks like a gigantic vacuum, to me. MOUSES!

  5. That was fun looking around your area Spitty!

  6. Your neighbourhood is busy, Spitty, there seems to be a lot to keep an eye on.

    No, the name of that shuttle really isn't reassuring. LOL.

  7. Wow Spitty, there is so much exciting stuff happening in your neighborhood! Did you know we have snow this morning! Ack!!!!

    Jonesie would purr if you found a flower out there in the great big City!!!

  8. You sure have an interesting neighborhood! We're MOL @ that Quake City Airport Shuttle service! That would be like naming one Hurricane Evacuation Shuttle here!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. a flower in that urban jungle?? that would be asking a lot..

  10. Love the Not A Garden Tour! Its fun to see everyday life in the neighborhoods of our kitty friends.
    From these pictures it looks like you live in one very noisy town.
    Our mom needs a reading light like that one too!!!!

  11. Not so sure about the Quake City Airport Shuttle...
    There's a whole lot of stuff going on in just a mile from where you are...
    Do they use a wave pool as a speed bump where you guys are? ;)

  12. When my human was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, there was NO way she would have used an airport shuttle by that name! That company is nuts.

  13. OH we love the NOT a garden tour!!!
    SF is so fabulous.

  14. Taking da flashy fing out is good practice for seeing all kinds of new things. Dat speed bump sign is a new one for owr Mom too. Looks like da line on Charlie Brown's sweater more than a bump!

  15. Dear Spitty,
    Me loves to see what yous sees when yous is hiding behind the blinds and looking out the window! What a fabulous tour! If yous comes to our house, me can let yous see the snow in our back yard!

  16. Very entertaining! We liked the Quake City Shuttle!

    We also need the Speed Bump Ahead sign. Can you get that for us? We'd take the S and the D off it and put it near Pee's pee field.

  17. Those were some interesting picture, Spitty. Thanks for taking us on a city tour!!

  18. Thanks for the tour of your Kingdom, Spitty! We really enjoyed the pictures (and your great commentary). :)

  19. Spitty, we find your neighborhood FASCINATING.
    But the thing about your human walking a mile? C'mon, dude...that's a whopper!

  20. Ok, is it just me or does that speed bump sign look like it's wearing Charlie Brown's shirt??
    Love the tour!

  21. Wow! We didn't realize you lived in San Francisco! How exciting life must be fur you. Lots to see and whiff. It's not all that exciting to live in the middle of a cow pasture in Oklahoma, but we sure get good whiffies!

  22. I love seeing other people's neighborhoods! Thanks for sharing :o)

  23. Great tour and funny comments with the photos. Spitty, thanks for introducing us to your neighborhood!


  24. Maxwell: what a fun Not-a-garden tour! If Momma would let me outside, i'd reciprocate.
    Faraday: Recipr-- mowzers, Maxwell, wha'd you do, eat a dictionary?

    Allie: Ignore the Brats, please! We loved seeing your mom's photos!


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