Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Crack Problem

Oh, Kitties! Do you a-member this post?
Well! That was then, and this is now!
Do you see? Do you see how I am ignoring my Stinky Goodness?
Do you know what is in this bowl?

The Human says it's Royal Canin Kitten 36.
King Spitty knows he has left his Royal Kittenhood far behind, but this stuff?
Well, this is GOLD.


  1. Is it yummy? Oh, it MUST be yummy!

  2. Any kibble is crack to Derry. LOL. That's because they spray it with the vitamins and minerals and something tasty to make it palatable. Definitely kitty crack.

    Note from the human: Because I don't want the boys eating much dry (a couple of TBSP is all they get daily), I'm grinding some grain-and potato-free kibble up and sprinkling about a third of a tsp on some of the canned I give them. Derry is SUCH a kibble-head, it's hard to get him to eat wet (for his urinary tract health). Just an idea if you ever need to get Spitty onto more canned than dry.

  3. Spitty, what a commercial for that stuff!

  4. That must be some darn good yum Spitty!

  5. we lurv the kitten foods.... don't get much, but we try to sneak some from the fosters. :)

  6. There is something addictive about kitten food--I would scarf that down in a heartbeat. I'm not sure why all food can't been that good!

  7. Careful about the Royal Phiseek Spitty.
    Kitten food has more calories than regular food, and we don't want you to get tooo plush!

  8. lol. I always love that adult cats find kitten food so tasty, when kittens often use it as litter..

  9. Whoa! The Spitman eats off HUMAN dishes! I must tell my peeps I can no longer eat off substandard bowls. I hope you drink plenty of H2O, if you ignore stinky goodness. You should prolly let me take that stinky goodness anyway.

  10. That cibbles must tast nom nom , since you choice them before your stinky goodness !
    My favorite kibbles are RC for Maine Coon´s :)

  11. Wes gots some kitten cruchies a week ago, Mommy buyed it by mistake, and we has gobbled that stuff down! We eats it before tuna and before fancy feast!
    Me will share mine if you shares yours!

  12. king spitty and his discerning palate.

    emma and buster

  13. Spitty, that's what your Admiral ate. She loved it/. Even when she didn't feel well, that was her fave fuds. xoxoxox

  14. That has to be REALLY nice for you to ignore the stinky goodness.

  15. Ignoring the stinky goodness? That must be some great kibble!
    The king knows what he likes!

  16. Spitty
    You have a place setting of good noms in front of you!


  17. My human only gives grain-free canned food to Binga and Boodie... but I get to eat whatever I want because I am so picky! I may want to give this a try.

    P.S. Thank you for that silver vine. Wow!

  18. Dear cod, we are pawsitively hooked on that kind of kibble!

  19. As much as we beg and plead with our mom to get us some of that kitty crack that you have, she won't. She's mean.

  20. Hi Spitty!!!
    Kitty Crack is the BEST!!!
    ...hey, you had better get ready to change that award in your sidebar to read CAST instead of CREW. ; ) You're IN it!!
    Get airs Sunday evening.
    The King is an even BIGGER star!
    xo Katie

  21. Man, that MUST be good if you're leaving the stinky goodness in favor of it...

  22. Spitty, she answered you the same day there where you commented. xoxoxoxox

  23. What do they put in that stuff anyway? I also became addicted when Neytiri ate that as a kitten...


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