Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Further Adventures of Neighborhood Watch Cat

Well, they're not quite as bad as they were, 
but the windows still need some major scrubbing. 
Neighborhood Watch Cat has his standards.
Now, here's our first victim passerby.
The pink shirt & magenta shoes might be forgivable,
but that capri look
is just not workin' for her.
At least her jacket is black.
The Human waited to get the biker in the shot
so the second set of victims passersby
almost escaped the flashy box. Here they are in full:
So, ladies, what's up with the pastel parkas?
Tsk, tsk! Such an S.F. Fashion Faux Pas!
Black or gray; gray or black. Take your pick.
Please remember that when you leave your home.
(The white pants and shoes leave Spitty so appalled he is speechless.)
Oh, and Biker Lady? That belted aqua jacket? Ouch!
Just turn our neighborhood into Dorkville, whydontcha?
Humans, Listen up:
Try to look your best if you
come strolling down my street!


  1. MOL, good heavens, that is funny. We will be sure to wear some very gray clothes if you come down your street. They were kind of funny looking. Spitty you are a good watcher. What a good view you have. Take care.

  2. OMC. Wonder what those ladies think of your observations. MOL.

  3. Spitty, you are absolutely a cat after our own hearts around here!!! (mommy has a cat heart too). We three could all sit in the window (love to see mommy do that) and "observe" folks as they go by. xoxoxoxox

    Half and half? Hm...intriguing...I may indeed.

  4. You sure have some interesting things to watch Spitty!

  5. They all need that dreaded Glamour DON'T black box over the eyes. My mom says that, anyway. I have no idea what she means.

  6. My gosh those humans have some nerve... walking down your street... passing your window... and not dressed in proper attire. You'll have to get some black paint or something....

  7. Oh, dear, our human certainly wouldn't dare walk in front of your window, Spitty. (And you wouldn't want her to, either.)

    Happy Easter weekend, we hope the Easter Bunny brings lots of yummy treats. :-)

  8. Dear Spitty,
    Its a good thing yous don't lives anywhere near us! If yous saw some of the get ups my Mommy wears when she walks the hairy slobbery sisters, yous would be appalled! Pink Clogs, too tight sweat pants (that woman has to loose some weight) and Red hoodies! Me is ashamed.

  9. Oh Spitty...we sure appreciated your fashion critiquing today. Too bad your window isn't opened and you could tell them how you feel!

  10. I luv wen hoomans ware black, it hylites mai furz so well. I din't reelyze you wuz such an arbiter of fashunz but I can see you haz teh nayborhood under teh paw nicely.

  11. You mean people can just walk down your street at will without even getting your permission and passing inspection?? How can that be?! Don't they know the king has standards!? Goodness! The things you put up with..

  12. Even though my human didn't break any rules - at least that she has seen so far here - she is still kind of glad she didn't come walking down your street during her recent SF trip!

  13. It is for this reason that I wear black, head to toe upon leaving my house for walks. I figure it's bad enough that *I* have to look at out of shape bod, don't need to inflict it on kitties in windows!

    That Woman

    To SS from MS

    chrip, mmrrrr, mrrrrrr

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  14. We bet YOU get lots of hoomans trying to talk to you in the window dont'cha Spitty? I know our Mom would stop and try and talk with you.

  15. Oh Spitty you're worse than Joan Rivers, mama said.

    But we thought you were funnneeeee!!!!

    Happy Easter.

    Emma and Buster

  16. Our mom is glad she doesn't have to go by your window when she goes out! MOL!

    Truffle and Brulee

  17. Mommy is confident that her fashion-forward frockery would set TRENDS in your hood, Spitty.

  18. Mowzers, Spitty! You have some really Style-Challenged neighbors we see!

    Your patience is astounding. Truly.

  19. I was too busy looking at your handsomeness to look at those ill-dressed peeps. Pastels are passé. Maybe you should try out for "What Not to Wear."


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