Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Bouncing Baby gif

If the Human had not been so lazy (surprise!), she could have redone it again to set the speed a leetle faster or, even, better, she could have taken some bright shiny NEW pictures to use--imagine that!
But no, she was "not really feeling up to it," so we had to use old pictures that were not quite suitable.

Still, it's impossible not to appreciate viewing His Majesty at whatever speed and quality, 
so get out the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy yourselves!
Hey! Thanks, Glogirly for the eggs-cellent instructions!


  1. I think that's WONDERFUL! It looks like a movie.

  2. Spitty, this gif really shows off your majestic furs and length! You are looking most excellent. Sassy

  3. Callie is right..your majestic furs..your majestic length...your glorious's all here to see. Oh my..what a fabulous gift to all we adoring girl cats. xoxox

  4. It's adorable! We just created our first one too! Fun!

  5. You got the Royal bounce fur sure!

  6. OMC! The part where you look at the camera melts my evil heart. Sigh! You guys are all making ME look bad cos TW hasn't made one of me.

  7. Aww, Spitty, your huuuman did a great job and you look like you're having a good time rolling around and scratching your back!

    We didn't know the photos were old until you pointed it out.

  8. You can do more than two pics? MOOMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

    She is so in the soup.

  9. Awww...Bouncing Baby Spitty.
    Hey! Katie and I are having a party to celebrate my Gotcha Day...come on over and watch us dance and sing a duet! :p

    Your pal, Boomer

  10. Spitty, you are right - any photo of you is awesome, and I have to say, this gif is really not bad! Pretty cool, in fact.

  11. Good one, Spitty! Wally made a gif and he'll post it later this week.

    (Hey, our mom is so dense, she didn't realize you could use more than 2 photos to make a gif!)

  12. Spitty we think it's royally good!

  13. Oh Spitty!
    My heart is going pitty pat!!!

  14. You ROCK, Spitty!!!!!!!!!
    This is so cool!
    You and your human did a royally fantastic job!
    xo your friend and teacher,
    Miss Katie

    OMC! Salem is a SHE! I'm in a heap-o-trouble!

  15. We really enjoyed your GIF. Our mom missed the post from Katie and Glogirly, but we're going back to find out how to do this!

    Truffle and Brulee

  16. Caroline has just fainted!

    (Thanks for the peaceful silence, bra!)

  17. Spitty, your GIF rules, dude! Excellent job! :)

  18. Wow, that's awesome! I especially love the point where he looks directly at the camera, at me! Ok, at Star! MOL
    What a snuggle bug!

  19. FaRADaY: Oh Spit-meister! You ROOL!!


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