Monday, April 23, 2012

Tipsy Toozday

Kitties! Guess what! Guess what THIS is!
Well, can you guess?
Okay, okay, I will tell you: It is a Silvervine Pillow from Nip & Bones 
and a more exciting toy you will never find, Nosireebob, you will not!
The Human opened it for me when the box arrived the other day (the box contained other delights which I will speak about in the future); she is useful for some tasks. She laid it gently near me and, Kitties, I was transported! Transported, I tell you!
It is soft and fragrant and exciting.
Then (with my Human, there's always a "Then"), she took it away and wrapped it in its plastic bag and hid it, "for my own good," she says, "so I don't get too immune to its charms."
As if!
Kitties, You need one of these.
And you can get one, too!


  1. Yep. They're great. Efurrykitteh should haf one of these! We think the hooman should let you keep it as long as you want. Did you show her your displeasure?

  2. How fun! Our Tuesday post is about our pillows!

  3. Ahhh...the silvervine pillow. It's just the best, isn't it?
    You sure look *manly* cuddling onto that pink flowery pillow, Spitty. Hahaha.

    Hey, remind your Human to let it air dry (NOT under the sun) before putting it into an air tight container. :)

  4. Spitty...I have licked mine until there is a green place on it. *giggle*


  5. Oh my goodness,mwe might have to have several of those!

  6. I'm still silverine-free for nine years!

  7. Is that a spot of drool I see on your royal chin? Maybe it was time to have it put up!

  8. Looks like you're LOVIN' that silvervine! But your peep took it away from you? Just when you were getting started? My goodness, hope you get your pillow back real soon.

  9. Oh the silvervine pillow sounds lots of fun! So sorry it was taken away. I hope she will put it out for you soon so you can be transported again... :-)

  10. We have one, and our Mommy is EQUALLY as stingy with it. We suspect she's huffing all it's goodness out, privately.

  11. Spitty! Thank you for telling us all about the wonders of silvervine. Yes, you are right, we DO need one of those. We'll get the humans on it right away!

  12. And, Spitty, you need to give them the linky to order their own diVINEness.
    I love mine but need it spiced up with a touch of powder rubbed on it every so often.

  13. As soon as I lay my paw on her credit card I'm ordering a 100 of those.

  14. OMC! She tooks it away and put it back in the plastic? Well thats no fair, I hopes she gets it out for you regularly, gots to have the evil vine! MOL

    Pawsome post, can't wait to hears about the other goodies you got from the shop.


  15. Dear Spitty,
    Wow! Yous really like that stuff! Me really appreciated yous sending some to me, but me has to tell you, for me, nothing happens. Kozmo likes it though.

  16. Spitty, we TOTALLY agree with you! That silvervine pillow is Da Bomb!! We can't believe your human took it away from you. Maybe she's sniffing it when you're not looking...

  17. Ooohhhhhh sounds divine!
    Mom is definitely going to go there & check it our for us! Enough of all this living vicariously through other kitties! We want in on the fun!

  18. Oh wow! I want one of those!!!! ::chirp::



  19. oooh yeah! Allie gives these pillow two (ditzy) paws up, WAY up!

  20. We keep hearing about this silvervine stuff.. maybe it's time to try it! Teddy's 6 month birthday is next month, which we read is the legal age for silvervine use. Hmmm. I don't seem to like catnip much at all, maybe it's just not powerful enough for me?!

    BTW, the pawents brought home cat grass... I was scared of it. And Teddy made it her life goal to knock it over constantly.


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