Sunday, June 3, 2012

Easy Sunday

Good morning, Kitties
So, today I am recovering from the exhausting Debutante Ball at Truffle's, 
definitely the see-and-be-seen event of the Season.
But Spitty's getting a little old for this sort of thing--I was home and tucked into my pink beddie 
while the under-three set was still dancing the night away.
(I must say I have recently enjoyed a nappy or six with the lovely Audrey
in her red beddy.  I'd like a red one too, Human.
Could you get right on that?)


  1. My mom never lets me go to those things!

  2. A pink bed, and now a red bed? You sure make us wonder...

  3. It was definitely the social event of the season. We're crashed all ofur our place today, too.

  4. So glad you had a good time at the party yesterday. Hope you're not too tired out to accept the Illuminating Blogger Award I gave you this morning on Nerissa's Life. CONGRATULATIONS! purrs

  5. Did you miss ME at the Ball? My peeps wouldn't let me attend but don't worry, they were bitten for it. Love your arm hanging out in the bed.

  6. Audrey says "Any Time, Spitty!".

  7. We snucked into the ball and watched from the edge of the dance floor. Spitty, you sure were working the room...and all the lady cats! Very impressive!

  8. Spitty, WE weren't allowed to go. Mommy is MEAN. Any suggestions for payback?

  9. Don't be a fuddy-duddy, Spitty - I am almost 10 and I partied ALL night!

    Okay, so I WAS hacking up hairballs this morning...

  10. Spiity...King Spitty, you SURE get around. I loved our dances too. Did you like my red jewelry? xoxoxox

  11. You DO look tuckered out Spitty. We crashed long enough to say Hi and Happy Birthday to the beautiful Miss Truffle.

  12. Spitty red would go very well with black you should nudge her to buy the red bed. And I'm sure you were still the life of the party even if you left early.

  13. well I guess that I'm a loser cause I don't know Miss Truffle! MOL!!
    And....since I am FIVE I could NEVER keep up with the "under 3 set!"
    Rest up big guy!
    Love, Cody

  14. I wondered where you had gone Spitty, my sisters were waiting to dance with you!

  15. Spitty
    All of us in my household are seniors so yes we know what you mean about all those youngsters, and staying up late. WE had to take super extra long naps today to replenish ourselves.


  16. You look quite comfy there King Spitty. Looks like room for two... I wonder what girl kitty will crawl in with you first!

  17. We're so glad you came to our ball yesterday. Take it easy today and start planning for Brulee's party in August!

    Truffle and Brulee

  18. Dear Spitty
    Me had a wonderful time with yous on Saturdat night. That was really the ball of the year and boy me was tired! Me is sorey me has not been visiting, but Mommy has been busy if...
    She should know me needs to see Spitty every day! But me is catching up now


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