Saturday, June 9, 2012

Your Offering Pleases Kitty

Nothing like some well-deserved guilt to prompt a PetSmart visit and the purchase of a fresh new fev-ver wand for yours truly. Grad•yoo•ay•shuns was last night, so now all that attention and energy should be devoted to me, don't you think? I will make her help me do some visiting later today, in between correcting her Honors English finals.
Then can she pay attention to me??


  1. First!!!!

    LOVE the fevver toy!
    Guilt does amazing things!

  2. There is NOTHING like new toys!
    Me LOVES how yous plays the guilt

  3. How long does a fever wand last with you. King Spitty?

  4. Gosh, Spitty, it sounds like it's always something. Are you sure your Human is not visiting with other cats during all this so-called work time? I think that she might owe you the whole bird!

  5. Sure hope so! Pisi and Squeak know what it's like to have a human reading finals. Very boring, hands are too busy to pet.

  6. I should write a BOOK on guilt! Still staycationing at home. Still no girl. Only a smelly cat sitter. Oh,'s too bad I'm not allowed to have boys over. heh heh
    ; ) Katie XOXO

  7. Guilt gifts are the best. Mebbe she will have anudder attack of them.

  8. Your human is way too busy, Spitty, doing non-kitty things. She had better block out quality time working that new toy for you!

  9. Oh Spitty dear,,, What a divine fevver wand ^.,^,
    so glad you not going to be neglected any more ......

  10. oooooh, Spitty! Please tunnelport over and work your guilty ways on OUR Human!

  11. Errr, Spitty...when she has the *time*, it might also be *time* for snippity snip...Heh heh.

    Your pal who's enjoying this very much...Boomer

  12. New fevvers are a good start Spitty!

  13. Spitty, I love the new fevver wand you got and properply placed guilt gets us a lot of toys. Mom went off and bought me a small pizza pie toy that I am throwing into the air, a rattly soft tomato toy that I have whapped under the furniture three times in a ROW and a few other toys. Come on over...xoxox

  14. Yeah for new toys! Yay for graduation! Yes, we think you deserve some extra attention. We'll gladly supply it.. If I could just get Star to stop singing:

    Oh Spitty,
    you so pretty
    You so pretty,
    You the top kitty!

    I think she's on her way over for a quick snuggle..

  15. Spitty those are some stylish fevvers you got. Saw the banner that her class made you are famous at the high school

  16. Oh, Spitty! We like your fevver toy! Guilt *is* amazing. My woman was gone most of Tuesday and all day Wednesday. When she finally came home, she brought me a nip nanner! My very first one. Oh, it was wonnnderrrfulll!

    Laura & Taffy

    PS: We think that black kitty banner is fantastic. After the school is done with it, it should hang in your palace.

  17. Spitty, you gotta figure out some other ways to guilt your human into buying you more toys. That feather toy is only the start!

  18. Love that new fevver toy; it's so colorful. Way to go Spitty!


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