Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fearful Friday

Aggie & Wally:    We know she's out there somewhere. We just don't know where.
                              But we know for sure she's going to leap on us and we don't like that. 
                              At all. Daaaaaaaaaad, make her stoooopppppppp.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
P.S. Spitty's been lol'd at Wendy's!! Come and see


  1. Guess Spitty doesn't have a corner on maniacal . . .Maniacal Madie Mittens. So alliterative we can't stand it!

    MOL Love the lols, Spitty!

    Laura & Taffy

  2. The proper response to a pounce is a pounce. Better learn the game guys... MOL!

  3. We think Madie Mittens needs to hang out with Quill over at Housecat Confidential. They could wear each other out.

  4. Another pouncing predator kitty (like our Mitty?) What's the world coming to??

    Have a good weekend!

    Tom and the gang xx

  5. I saw that LOL and man, we LOVED it!

  6. I think somebody needs a bite. It's the only way to teach those little ones.

  7. The only thing you have to fear is fur itself!

  8. Whoa! Wally really does look scared! Maybe you better go over there and teach MM some manners.

  9. MOL! Just give her a nice whap if she leaps on you. That's what we do with Tutu...though that little kid runs real fast!

  10. Sounds like some whappin' -- or a bitey -- might be in order!

  11. Poor Aggie and Wally, I hope they all come to terms soon!

    Those LOL's at Wendy's just killed us dead, Spitty! You're far too adorable and she showed you off very well!

  12. Oh you sweet dears --
    it's kitten terror!!

    You both look so worried.
    In a few months it'll all be over.


    We did see your immortalized by WendyLOL!!
    That was something that made us really giggle.


  13. The new kid is always a troublemaker.

  14. Madie Mittens is full of kittie energy and spunk, Aggie and Wally are going to have their paws full teaching her proper manners.

    Those lols had us in a fit of giggles Wendy got awsome purrsonality.

  15. Have to smile Spitty...and by the way...there's plenty o' room at the foot o' th' beddie.

  16. oh cat! you guys gotta get a grip on's just a kitten for crying out loud!! How many of you are there??? You outta be able to put your paws on her, teach her how things work, and that's it, right?

    Oh yeah, and Spitty...the LOL thingy, now THAT was some fun for all of about you??

  17. Allie: I FEEL YOUR PAIN! *glares at Faraday*

  18. Allie: I FEEL YOUR PAIN! *glares at Faraday*


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