Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Just the Facts, Ma'am

#1. I look quite stunning in my handmade royal purple beddie from Finland(N) in this photo taken few days ago, and you can tell it was a few days ago because . . .
#2. It rained some more today. The SF Chronicle, not always the most reliable source (but we'll trust 'em on this), said 6.4 billion gallons of water fell at Lake Tahoe in the past 24 hours, raising the water level in the whole gigantic lake (200 sq. mi.) by two inches. Woot!
#3. The Human, all dressed up on her way to a fancy Christmas lunch today, had to have her car towed instead. She got it back though, for under 200 green papers. So that was a minus and then a plus. No fancy lunch though, which seems a very minor inconvenience because . . .
#4. A man gotted himself murdered (shot) only a block from our house! We live in a good neighborhood, but of course not crime-free. The Human cannot a-member the last time anybody got murdered though. 

and finally . . .
#5.  Looky at what a friend gave the Human me for Chrissymouse:

Ha ha ha meow!


  1. Wow, Spitty! So much stuff going on there. WOOT about the rain!

    How disconcerting about that man getting murdered by your house. :(

  2. My human is wondering when somebody will gift her with those cat butt magnets - not that she wants them! The last time somebody got murdered in our neighborhood was a block over from the humans' old house, right around the time they were putting it up for sale! Great timing. And apparently, somebody shot themselves in our garage when the last owner was living here - which was never disclosed to the humans during escrow. Not that my human cares. She's not spooked by that type of stuff.

  3. You and purple are a match made in heaven, Spitty. It really suits you - no wonder you're a king.

    Good to hear about the rain. Disturbing to hear about the murder.

    And those cat butts - none of them has a tailo anywhere near as floofy as yours.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. So much happening - plus, minuses and cat butts! We love them.
    And you keep safe in that purple beddie. We are still shunning ours.

  5. Youv always look "stunning" Spitty, but reposing in your royal Finish purple beddie makes you look especially stunning. Up here in Orygun we are busy buildin' an ark because we too know the joy of heavy rain after the dreaded drought. We do think the rain gods turned on the rain, but over 3 inches in one day is a bit much. We fear we may float away if it does not stop soon. Despite the rain causing a disruption of our sun puddles, we are grateful for the wetness. Sorry your Human missed her Chrissymouse luncheon 'cuz her car broke down. At least not too many green papers were needed to fix it. Terrible about the murder in your neighborhood. If only humans were civil like us cats,there would be no murders. Those cat butt magnets you were gifted are the BOMB! We wanna get some for out fridg-e-ator. Tocks rule.

  6. You have altogether too much excitement for a kitty, Spitty! Though rain is no big deal here and Noah and his ark are docked over the road! People with guns are usually farmers shooting rabbits not each other and cat bum magnets have been sighted in Abergele! Happy Christmas buddy :)

  7. Holy smokes! That's a lot of goings on! Love those magnets! MOL

  8. My mommy wanted those cat but magnets too! Heeeee. I will be over in half an hour and we will do all you said! And more.

  9. Our Lady had her car towed last week! The tow was free as she has road side assistance (ok she pays for that) but the car cost nearly 300$ to fix!

    the magnets cracked us up.

  10. Prayers and purrs to the family of that man, Spitty...how very awful!

  11. (1) love your kingly and royal purple new beddy.....(2) eeeek on the nearby murder - that's truly scary....(3) love those cat butt magnets!

    Love and have a SAFE Christmas My King
    Your Humble Friend, Sammy

  12. the rain, the murder and all is quite scary! Glad the human's car was less than she expected. We have those cat butts! (featured them on Mom's birthday post in October)......they are hilarious!!! xoxo Love, Cody

  13. holy smokes....and exciting few days

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  14. Wow, those are some facts, all right! You do look very royal in that purple beddie, safe from all the rain, and crime and maybe even those cat butts!

  15. We're loving your purple bed, Spitty. Is it as comfy as it looks? And those butt magnets?? Hysterical!

  16. My mom got all dressed up for a once-every-eon appearance for a Christmas party and wouldn't you know, that was the weekend of the thus-far Big Snow! She wound up turning around (the party was about 15 miles away) and cuddled with us instead.

    But your neato bed and the magnets! Score, is what I say!

  17. I love your purple beddie- perfect for your Royal Highness.


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