Thursday, April 7, 2016


It was 90-freaking-degrees here in the City by the Bay yesterday! 90! Can you even imagine the horror? Well, to be fair, I imagine many of you can. Maybe even worser than 90. But I bet you has air conditioning, don't you? 'Fess up, now; Spitty knows all your secrets.

Now on to the real reason you stopped by today:
Yes, the Human purchases compressed air by the six-pack at Costco. There are two reasons for this:

1)  Elsewhere (yes, BestBuy we're talking to you), the Human pays $7.99 for two cans. At Costco, she picked these babies up for a grand total of $14.00. Can't beat it with a stick, as the Humans say when they think they're being witty ::eye roll::

2) The Human often eats random meals at the computer, and while she is ultra-careful with liquids, crunchy and /or crumby things often decorate the laptop keyboard. Phsssssssssssssssssssssssss and they're gone!

Okay, once in a great while (Like every day --Ed.) a few of my most delightful furs might also find their way atop/beside/under the computer.

So what?


  1. I think she should leave the food bits in the keyboard for you, Spitty. I mean, what if one day she got a wild hair and didn't return for days??? Why, you'd starve, that's what!

    Pretty inconsiderate of her, is what I think.

  2. And Pop gets mad cos TW buys water. TW looked at the price of air once in Staples and nearly went into a coma. HAH! Maybe as soon as you see one of those crumbs fall, you should pounce on it and eat it.

  3. Spitty, it was 30 degrees here. Seriously, we'll take the 90. We're tired of the colds.

  4. I figured the compressed air was for the computer keyboard... my human gets crumbs down there too.

  5. Hmmm - thanks for the explanation, Spitty. But I'm left feeling somewhat bemused. You've (gently) suggested from time to time that your Human doesn't keep the world's neatest home. You haven't criticised or nagged - you've just noted it. (Which was very generous of you, mind.) Now you're telling us that she can leave stuff lying around all over the place but when a crumb falls into her keyboard she's got to immediately reach for the can of air and whap it good? What's with that? Perhaps she should lift her sights from the keyboard and look around and see all the other housework that needs doing more urgently!

    Sydney, Australia

  6. We are confused too. Äiti uses her lungs to blow away debris. But maybe that's why she buys laptops more often than the Human......

  7. Only 86 here. But yeah, we gots da A/C.

  8. Ah, so that's what all the air is for. My mum needs to get some. She is forever moaning that my fur has clogged up the keyboard and made the space bar stick. She says dad drops crumbs on the keyboard too. Of course she wouldn't admit it could be her!

  9. Hmmmm 90 sounds good right about now. We're getting snow and it's around 30! Wanna trade for a week?

  10. I'm with's ultra cold and snowing here, although the sun decided to peek out for a minute...

  11. 'Fraid that's one of my mommy's fav-o-rite phrases...beat with a stick. A Southernism.

  12. Tee Hee! My short little furs cloggs Mommy's computer, but it gets in the fresh air intake and Mommy can't blow that out...that is why wes has a crappy laptop now...
    Mommy tried to blows my furs out of the good one and they gotted into some places where they burned from the heats and yous guessed it...shorted out something...
    And Mommy acts like it was MY fault.
    No faors!
    Its warm here too in Vancouver, but no 90 degrees.
    Your Nellie Bellie

  13. We have YOUR crummy cold foggy weather today. How can you STAND it? Give us the 100's any day...and our a/c.

  14. Mum may have to go get those air thingies.


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