Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gray September Evening

I wonder what that guy across the street is doing?

I know it looks like night in my picture, but it isn't. It's only like 6:30 pee emm, but the flashy box makes it look really dark outside. The Human is not even technologically adept enough to change the settings on her own flashy box. And I wonder why it took her so long to get me a place mat! (Which, by the way, is now residing in the laundry basket--where it may sit forever, as far as I know--and I am back to a bare tray again.)


  1. Spitty, tell your Human to delve into her inner ape and just start pushing buttons on that flashy box! That's what Daddy does. (And no, he doesn't ask for directions either.)

    Spitty, we would like to mail you a placemat. Mommy has promised to personalize it with your name! Can you send us your addy? email us at

  2. Spitty, you know moms. Mine got a new camera almost 2 years ago and still hasn't cracked open the booklet that came with it. Or the photography book she swore she needed when she could have gotten us more toys instead.

  3. My human was doing photography with SLR cameras before digital ever existed, so the first thing she does when she gets a camera is start playing with the settings. Mind you, that does not mean she REALLY knows what she is doing...

  4. I'll tell ya Spitty. Mom has been annoying me with the Flashy Box for years. But when she got her fancy- wancy flashy box she set it to auto and went to town taking bad pictures. When she kept seeing odd shadows and strange looks, she finally had to start mashing buttons and turned off auto. But I understand your mom. My mom was the same. But your mom sure does take some great pictures of manly YOU Spitty. I'm not complaining, you manly man cat, you.

  5. I give up, so what was the guy across the street doing? Hey, he was probably trying to figure out why your Mom keeps taking his picture!

  6. your post made mom laugh!!! thanks she was up for a good giggle today. and when are our humans eva gonna get it right? ours doesnt 'get' her flashy box either.

    you title of post made her think of that song by neil diamonds she said , called 'september morn'.

    -Us4 Cats

  7. The Big Thing bought a Flip Video Camera last year. Have YOU seen anny videos at our blog? We neither!

    Beins are hopeless sometimes...

  8. Spitty
    Mom just presses buttons on her camera and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. She hates to read manuals.


  9. Spitty, our mom has had her flashy box for a long time and she still can't figure out all the settings. Sometimes she just gets lucky...other times not so much...

  10. Trust me, you do not want your human to master the flashy box. Mine has, and it tortures me daily.


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