Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spitty's Miscellany, Part II

Well, this was a day of many events.

First, the Human went to a birthday brunch (not hers) by the beach on a beautiful morning (I was not invited):

Then, I was given a snippet of store-bought nip (acceptable):

Then the Human went to the little greenhouse at her school to check on the Real Nip:

Then the Human went to see "The American" (only so-so, but she says it is always enjoyable to watch George Clooney). Afterwards, she visited the Kids, our friends Aggie & Wally, who seem to find their dad's antics puzzling:

Night-night, Kitties!  See you tomorrow!


  1. I had no idea catnip grew so slowly! Doesn't it seem to you like it's been growing forever?

  2. Seems like you had your mommy on her toes, Spitty. Hope she had a great day!

    - Reenie & Sherkhan

  3. We think your mom had a wonderful day! At least you got a bit of fresh nip out it.

  4. The real cat nip is starting to look really good. Hopefully, some day you will get some of it. Hope all of you have a marvelous Monday.

  5. Real nip looks so good. Our Mom always kills ours.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. Your mom had a very busy day! She should have taken you to that party...what a nice view! But at least she brought you some nip. Her nip in the pot is looking pretty good too!!

  7. MomKat Trish is relieved the Nip is growing. She feels absolved of all responsibility at this point.

    ::wipes brow::

    Spitty, do you blame Wally & Aggie for being puzzled? C'mon! Humans are phenomenally unpredictable and, lets face it, not too bright.

  8. Spitty, you coming over for Animal Planet? I'll fluff up the cushion.

  9. NIP! Nipnipnipnipnip.... NIP!!!

    Nothing beats fresh kitty crack. Nope. Well, except maybe real live fresh dead shrimp. But Nip is pretty close behind it and real live fresh dead chicken and cow...

  10. It sounds like your Mom had a busy weekend...You need some ladycats to come over and keep you company with your nip :)?!!...kisses, handsome boy...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Spitty
    Sounded like your Mom had a great day and of course there was nip for you (what could be better-- nectar of the Gods)!



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