Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thinking the Deep Thoughts

Why doesn't the Human ever enjoy a nice plate of the Stinky Goodness with me?
Why does the Human step into a big curtain-thing and let water spray all over her? Doesn't she know how to use her tongue?
Why does the Human get up when it is still way dark and expect me to be awake and affectionate? I mean, *I* don't have to get dressed to go earn the green papers! That's her job! She should just let me get my beauty sleep.
If the Human wants me to play with her, then she should get down on the floor and roll around in the nip and then bat the sparkly ball around for awhile. I'd play that with her!


  1. Spitty, we gave up long ago trying to figure out why the humans do the things they do.

  2. Dood, if you try to figure a person out, your brain will just cramp up...

  3. Spitty, I guess there are just some things we will never understand!

    I am co-hosting a blog hop today, please hop by and pawticipate!

  4. Yes, Spitty.... It is one of those things I guess we cats will never get. Humans can be so so silly.....


  5. My mum gets down on the floor with me, but I just laugh at her.

  6. My mommy gets down on the floor with me quite often. I make her by lying at her feet and making a kitty loaf. Then she says how cute and sweet I am, and down she comes!!! I purr bunches, walk around her and settle within hands reach and drool a little while I get petted. I make air biscuits too.

  7. My mom gets on the floor with us still doesn't make her cat-size!

  8. WE're with you 100% Spitty.


  9. My human also makes in rain inside the house and get in it. She also goes swimming in a big indoor lake. Humans, gotta love them. HRH Princess Treasure.


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