Friday, November 2, 2012

Fev-ver Fever!

About two weeks ago, my darling fellow-Bay-Area denizen, 
the Beauteous and Gentle Savannah, had a little translating contest.
Believe it or not, Yours Truly was chosen from among thousands of entries
to receive the prize. 
And what a prize it is, Kitties!!!
OMC! Haff you ever seen a more exciting package in your life?
I know I have not!
The Human opened it for me and. . . . .
Behold! a regular embarrassment of riches appeared! Kitties, there were 
12-count-them-twelve beauteous peacock fev-vers inside!
I didn't know what to do first!

And then the Human said to me, she said, "You know, Spitty, you have a lot of furiends
who don't even have ONE fev-ver to play with. Isn't that sad? 
Wouldn't it be nice if you considered sharing your fev-vers wif the fev-ver-less?

Well, I *did* have to agree that 12 was a lot, and I do like these Kitties, 
so I was a Good Boy and agreed
to redistribute some of the wealth!
First, that Two-Timin' Tabby and his home-wrecking Multi-Toed Lolita 
who continue to carry on their torrid affair for all the world to see, 
got a fev-ver to share with. . .

the sweet & beautiful but abandoned Aggie, looking as fetching as fetching
can be in her basket. (What is wrong with that Wally, Kitties?)
Those sweet buddies Peet and Kona got a fev-ver to share. . .
and the very serious Igi got one all to himself!
Finally, Big Boy Murphy, a gentle giant of a Ragdoll, squirmed in delight 
at the prospect of a fev-ver coming to his house!

So, my darling Savannah, your generous gift has brought fun into the lives 
of more Kitties than you imagined!
~ I loved my present XOXOXO ~


  1. aiiieeee! Great idea Spitty! Share the wealth of fun! No kitty can possibly resist these fev-vers!! I swear to it and so does Cathy Keisha who told me about them. They are the bestest...and I just hope your human can get some photos of YOU out of YOUR BED playing with HER with your Fev-Ver!!! paw pats, paw hugs, your Bay Area furriend, Savvy

  2. Firstly, congrats on being chosen for the prize, secondly, have fun with it

  3. That is so good of you to share like that Spitty!

  4. Spitty! Trust me, you are going to go through those feathers in a week! Like Savvy says, they are PAWSOME. You can jump for them or have the human wiggle them under some tissue paper.

    We don't have Internet again and lost power right after the Sandy benefit came on not to mention we just got wifi back. Will things ever return to normal here?

  5. WOW!!!! That is ONE ROCKIN' GIFT!!!! And you were such a benevolent monarch*, to share. We want photos of ALL the recipients playing.

    *in reality, an oxymoron

  6. We love fev-vers, but we've never seen a peacock fev-ver. Those look like fun.

  7. What a great gift! Then you went and did something spectacular with them! Kudos to you, King Spitty. XOXO

  8. How awesome of Savannah to send you all those peacock feathers - the gift that kept on giving!

  9. A king must be seen to be generous, and not a greedy feather hog.

  10. That's such a fun gift and you're so good to share! Mommy bought some of those peacock fevvers before but she has them HIGH at the top of the fridge, far from our paws. Apparently, they are "decoration". BAH.

  11. Oh SPITTY! I love my peacock fevvers and mom parses them out grudgingly as they can be hard to come by.

    They must have been put up when you were here last. I will request that they be down and that she play with both of us with them before we go UTB. xoxoxo

  12. That is one great win Spitty! The little ones looking for homes are just gorgeous!

  13. The cat just eats them on sight, they look so good I just have to bite. Great job spreading the wealth too.

  14. Spitty! We're so impressed with your generosity!! What a good King you are!!

    So you wanna be an Island Cat, huh?? Well, a peninsula is a bit of a stretch...but we're gonna get together and consult and make a decision. You're lucky...Zoey says she votes to let you in the club. So the decision is between Ernie and me. We can be bribed, y'know. Any more of those fev-vers left?? ;)


  15. That was so very nice of you and Savvy!

  16. How wonderful! (And I knew you were a little softie at heart.)

    So maybe a pic of St. Gertrude and Snapoline next week. Although, if St. G. knew my sister, she might ditch cats for dogs!

  17. That was so nice of you Spitty to share that lovely present Savvy sent you. Those kitties will have such a fun time playing xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  18. Spitty, yous the bestest King!
    And sharing is a wonderful thing for a King to do!

  19. Awesome gift! And how sweet of you to share it with so many other kitties! I could just smooch you!

    Star says: I WILL just smooch you!! XOXOXOXOXO

  20. What an awesome gift, Spitty!! And you are so generous to share it!! I guess when we go on our brewski binge we should really ask Tigger to come!!! He can buy! MOL

  21. Those peacock fevvers rock! Those are the fevvers to end all fevvers!!
    You are a great kitteh to distribute them to others.

  22. Concats, sweet Spitty. It was so sweet fur you to share the bootiful fevvers.
    xoxo Kassey

  23. We had one of those a while back. We destroyed it!

  24. That was a great gift, and it is very nice of you to share with those kitties (and show their photos).

    The lady used to have a cat, Addie, who loved peacock feathers.
    All that would be left of them was the white, plastic-looking 'spine,' and some short stubble where feathers used to be.

  25. That Savannah is one cool kitty!
    And Spitty, you are incredibly generous. ...even if the mom made you do it.
    ; ) Katie

  26. Congrats on the prize. So sweet of you to pass on the goodies:-)


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