Friday, November 9, 2012

Nip Is Addictive?

Or something!  Anyway, I am embarrassed that I have received TWO-count-them-TWO awards from one of my very best buds, Nerissa, and am just now getting around to posting them! Of course, I would never dream (cough, cough) of blaming someone else (cough, cough, Human) for this shameful tardiness, so I beg forgiveness and promise to do better.

The Addictive Blog Award came with no requirements (thank goodness since it's Friday evening and I can barely get the Human to put her thumbs to good use for me). So I will say a heartfelt Thanks to my pal and that's that. I really do like being addictive.

The Bring on the Nip award, however, requires me to describe one thing I wish to celebrate. These last weeks have brought many good reasons to celebrate, but I will choose to celebrate the onset of AUTUMN and cold nights and warm beddies. After this endless season of partisan bickerings, I think soft warm snuggly beds are something we can ALL agree on, Kitties!
The last part of the Nip award is to share it with from one-to-twelve other furiends. I am kinda running out of steam here, so I choose these three fantastic felines:
                                                         Patches at Little Cat Feet
                                                         Marley at Mark's Mews
                                                         Sassy at Troublin' Times


  1. SPitty, you always make a beddie look great. As far as the partisans, we say "throw them ALL out and start again. Preferably with all women, because the majority of the crazies are men. Or maybe all cats.

  2. Spitty, congrats on the awardies, and a special thanks fer sending one to ME! I never got one fer myself, I think...

    You are ONE COOL DUDE!!!

    ~ Marley

  3. Concatulations Spitty! You are looking very suave and debonair in your brown beddie!

  4. Concatulations on your award, Spitty! My human is not much better - we haven't posted ours yet. But paws crossed, I think there will something awesome to celebrate in the next day or so!

  5. Congratulations on your awards! Aren't you going to invite ME over for a snuggle?


  6. Oh SPITTY! You have conquered Tutu. She is a glowing feisty darling..rather like the Admiral I fink. xoxoxoxo

  7. Oh SPITTY! You have conquered Tutu. She is a glowing feisty darling..rather like the Admiral I fink. xoxoxoxo

  8. ConCats Spitty :) You are severely handicapped though by your human, as am I!!!! We will need to take control and send out for thumbs before too much longer!! Cheers!

  9. Congrats on two and yeah the friggin humans can be so slow sometimes too.

  10. ConCATulations to the blogawards !
    Have a purrfect weekend my furiend :)

  11. Yup, the nip IS addictive. At least, I'm pretty sure it is 'cause when I need the nip, I NEED THE NIP! purrs

  12. Spitty! Concatulations and Concatulations
    Boy yous is snuggly looking!

  13. Big conCATulations Spitty, I likes it when there's a nip in the air :) Love your cosy bed xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. That is the perfect size bed for you. It must keep you very cozy and warm.

    Being at the mercy of the human's energy levels, enthusiasm (or lack thereof), and competence (I'm speaking of the lady, here, not your human)...well, it stinks [I wanted to say it "s_ _ _ _ a_ _"...
    but the lady wouldn't let me.

  15. NIP?? We loves NIP!! And we loves yer award wif NIP!!

    ConCATs Spitty!!


  16. Spitty, you ARE starts with just a lil' ear wash, and then...well, we'd rather not say.

  17. Spitty, you fit in that bed oh so well!! Congrats on your 2 awards!!

  18. That's a pretty awesome bed, my friend! Now you need a nice fleecy blankie and you're all set for winter!

  19. Spitty, Sassy here. Oh, thank you so much for the award. I don't have to share with stinky Callie do I?

  20. Great awards, Spitty!
    We love fall here...snuggling under the covers, lounging around with movies...
    Oh wait, we do that ALL the time!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  21. Congrats on the awards! Autumn sounds nice

  22. I still haven't posted mine either. In fact, TW FORGOT about it until she saw this post. Gasp.

  23. Congratulations Spitty! We find you quite addictive! And what you celebrate, we love!

    Star says: Hmm, it might be a snug fit, but I think there's room for me in there with you... purr? XOXOXOXO


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