Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Kitty's Essential Dictionary of Acronyms

BFF    Big Felines Fighting   (Sparky Spitfire)
BIOTD   Blame It on the Dog  (Manx Mnews)
BOD     Back of Disrespect  (Island Cats) 

BOD     Bottom of Disrespect (Pikku Punapippuri)
BOTN Bring on the Nip  (Nerissa's Life)

BRAT   Bring Round a Toy  (CATachresis) 
BTM    Blame the Mutt (It's Rhyme Time)
BTW   Bite the Woman (Sparky Spitfire)

CAM    Caught a Mouse  (Sparky Spitfire)
COD     Cats Over Dogs   (Cat from Hell's Blog)
CRAP    Cats Run and Play 
CRDD   Cats Rule, Dogs Drool (Milo's Mad Life) 
CTASMNP     Crazier Than A Squirrel Makin' Nut Pies (Nerissa's Life)

DAICOIP    Do As I Command Or I Pee   (Oui-Oui)
DBMIE    Don't Bother Me, I'm Eating    (Mark's Mews)
DGAW2OM    Don't Go All Waffles 2 on Me   (Glogirly) 
DTTC    Don't Touch the Cat    (Glogirly)

FMN Feed Me Now  (Cat Chat & Oui-Oui)

GA    Go Away (Oui-Oui)
GMD    Guarding my dish   (Glogirly)
GMT    Give Me Tuna!   (Cat from Hell's Blog) 
GMTN    Give Me Tuna Now!     (Cat from Hell's Blog) 
GMTTANOGH     Give Me The Treats And No One Gets Hurt  (Celestial Kitties)
GROTD      Get Rid Of The Dog  (Cat Chat) 
GUN    Get Up Now (Oui-Oui)

HARVB  He's a Real Vegetable-Breath  (Mark's Mews)

IDGAFFF     I Don't Give A Fat Furry Fart   (Celestial Kitties)
IGTOWNMB     I'll Get the One Who Nicked My B*lls  (Mollie & Alfie)
IKN    I Know Nothing  (Oui-Oui)
IWBYHO   I Will Bite Your Head Off  (World's Most Stunning Cat)
IWMFB     I Want My Furballs Back     (Celestial Kitties) 
IDRBWWILDS  If De Raven BURDS Win We Iz Leevin De Statez (Trout Talkin' Tabbies) 
     JCTIB     Just 'Coz They IZ  Burds (Trout Talkin' Tabbies) 

KISSES    Keep It Short, Simple & Extra Sweet  (The Cat from Hell's Blog) 
KMGFA    Kiss My Gray Furry A$$  (The World's Most Stunning Cat)
KMFB    Kiss My Furry Butt  (Derby & Ducky)
KOA    Kitten on Attack   (Glogirly)
KSSOGFN King Spitty Signing Off, Going for Nap    (Mollie & Alfie)

LBNC    Litter Box Needs Cleaning  (Mark's Mews)
LMA    Leave Me Alone  (Marg's Animals) 
LMFBO    Laughing My Furry Butt Off    (Savannah's Paw Tracks)
LMTO     Laughing My Tail Off     (World's Most Stunning Cat/Savannah's Paw Tracks) 
LWTYH    Lady with the Yellow Hair [aka The Mom]  (The Island Cats)

MMWGU   Makes My Whiskers Grin Up (Brian's Home)
MYLIN   Meow You Later I'm Nappin'  (The Maaa of Pricilla)
MO     Mitts Off   (Glogirly) 

NJH   No Jazz Hands   (Glogirly) 

NMFB    No More Flashy Box   (Oui-Oui) 
NVFM   No Vet for Me  (Cat Chat)

OMC  Oh My CAT (A Tonk's Tail) 

PFCC    Purrs from Colehaus Cats   (Colehaus Cats)

PN   Pets NOW    (Colehaus Cats)
PPP   Privacy Please, Pawparazzi   (GoroGoro & NikoNiko)
PTBOY Putting the Bitey on You (CATachresis) 
PUTW   Pee Up the Wall  (PikkuPunapippuri)

SAM   Stop Annoying Me  (Oui- Oui)
SDD    Stupid Dumb Dog   (Kten) 
SOIS    Sod Off,  I'm Sleeping   (Mollie & Alfie)
SPITTY - Silvervine Party In The Townhouse, Yo!  (Whisppy)
SPOD - Smacky Paws Of Doom (Sparkle the Designer Cat)

TDDI   The Dog Did It  (Milo's Mad Life) 

TMT    Too Much Touching   (Sparky Spitfire)
TMT   Twitching My Tail  (Prancer Pie)
TTTP    Talk to the Paw (Mr. Puddy)
T2TP  Talk to the Paw   (Milo's Mad Life) 
TTTT    Talk to the Tail  (Derby & Ducky) 
T2S     Time to Sleep  (Oui-Oui)
T3P    [Our Version of]  Talk To The Paw (The Island Cats) 
T4P     Time for Pets  (Colehaus Cats) 

UTB     Under the bed   (The Admiral, via Katie Isabella's Blog) 
UTP   Under the Paw  (PikkuPunapippuri)

WMC    Where's my Cheez-It?  (WilliamtheCat)

WMNN    Where's my Nip Nanner?    (Simba's Antics) 
WMT     Where's my Tiara?    (The Cat from Hell's Blog) 
WTFRULA What the "F" Are You Looking At? [Re: being photographed]  (Cat Chat) 
WTM    What the Mouses?   (Nerissa's Life) 
WTT     Where's the Tuna?   (Tails from the Foster Kittens) 
WTWD   What's That Wally Doing?   (The Island Cats)
WWNND - What Would Nip Nanner Do?   (Colehaus Cats)

YOLNT   You Only Live Nine Times (A Tonk's Tail)

ZIP  Zoom In Place (The Katnip Lounge)


I want to add a special Honorable Mention for inspiring this little contest to Julia Williams at Responsible Pet Ownership. On Friday, December 7, a post called "Text Abbreviations for Tech-Savvy Felines" appeared on her blog. 

I thought it was very funny and clever and I saved some of the examples because I thought they would provide the basis for a good contest (of course, in the intervening 7 weeks, my Human I forgot from whose blog they had come)!

Anyway, I think everykitty would enjoy going back and checking out the original--there's some terrific reading there!


brokenteepee said...

That's quite a dictionary

The Island Cats said...

You need to get those published, Spitty! Great list!!

Cathy Keisha said...

Great point of reference. For some reason you look like you're laughing in that photo. Could be cos I've been working too hard to Nipclub.

Ivan from WMD said...

NJH??? Ha ha ha ha! LMTO!

Katnip Lounge said...

Well, nuts. Our Mommy just sucks because we had a GOOD one:

ZIP--Zoom In Place

You know, when your legs start moving before your body does!

Excellent list.

Anonymous said...

mmrrrrooowwww! what a job Spitty, no wonder you are all tuckered out...but you better get your energy back 'cuz the Valentine Ball is coming up and I expect my date to dance the night away with MEEE!!! paw pats, Savvy

Summer at said...

I have SO bookmarked this, Spitty! MYLIN!

Kat and the Furrsonality gang said...

teehee these are so awesome! We luvs them!

Cathy Keisha said...

We got about a foot of white stuff; not much for us. i'll come armed with snowballs. MOL

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Thanks for posting this. We'll be sure to reference this often!

Mr Puddy said...

Fabulous Dictionary for kitty like us.
Thanks my man ; )
Happy Sunday !!!

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Hey. It's the first day of the Chinese New Year today. Mommy has prepared a yummy meal for our CNY dinner. Will you get up already and come on over?


Catio Tales said...

This is most excellent and I need to start to use some of these! DAICOIP is at the top of the list!

CATachresis said...

Well done on getting these down for pos .... pos .... posteriority ;)

MOLMOL @ SOIS. Buddy you are the epit ... epit ... epitomousity of that one !!! Well done Mollie and Alfie :P

Re the Ball, I am going with super, sexy, scintillating Sassy from Troublin' Times. Who's your date? Maybe we could ... ya know .... mix and match? ;)


Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

That is a lot to remember. Have a good day. Lee and Phod

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

What a great list and I think your mum did great remembering all those.. Hugs GJ x

Brian's Home Blog said...

Those are sooooo good Spitty, but I don't think I can remember all of those!

Pat Hatt said...

Not even my brain can remember all of those, you should make it into a book.

Mollie said...

Oh my cat, now you just need ya own phone spitty..MOL Ball kicks off tomorrow xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

Marg said...

Oh good, you did make a dictionary. Now we will all know what it all means. Like our Person will remember. NOT. But those are terrific.

Unknown said...

Its goods yous printed it all off Spitty! mes forgotted the ones me entered already. My dancing shoes is polished up, is yours?

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

They're all great! So very, VERY great! We should all use 'em all the time! purrs

PS. Ummm... maybe you could get the human a prezzie for Valentine's Day. Prezzies go a long way to makin' peeps happy, I find. Perhaps a little pot filled with cat grass or nip? purrs

Misaki @ misadventuresofMisaki said...

That's quite a list!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

these were ALL so much fun and great to read! We should have these in handy little book form :) LOVE THEM!
Since I am a gray kitty I think this one is my fave:

"KMGFA Kiss My Gray Furry A$$ (The World's Most Stunning Cat)"

Love, Cody

Stacy Hurt said...

There's a lot there! Holy Cod! I want to interject something from That Woman... She said that when she first started texting (back before autocorrect didn't recognize "texting" as a word) she was texting her Gurl who was only 12 or so. When That Woman attempted to use the abbreviations her Gurl said that was for "little kids" that it only takes a couple seconds to type the whole word and AND shows you know how to spell. Purrsonally I enjoy watching their occasional role reversals...from a distance, naturally.

Ms Stella O Houligan

GLOGIRLY said...

What an excellent resource guide.
I'm going to print this out and have Waffles Too study up. Especially NJH.
; ) Katie

Unknown said...

This is so fantastic! Thank you so much for sending this out to us. I am definitely keeping it and maybe I can even memorize some of it. haha

Shaggy and Scout said...

This is a great list! Thanks for compiling it.


Wow that is some great ideas in and some very creative acronyms.