Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Irregular Not-A-Garden Tour

The Presidio Avenue gate announces
the Dominion of our Finnish friend,
who made a purrsonal appearance to greet visitors
on Super Bowl Sunday.
Green lawns dot the large swath of wilds 
that compose the Presidio. 
King Punapippuri, however, is rarely seen 
along the roadways,
preferring to lurk in the more out-of-the-way areas.
Stands of eucalyptus trees filter the mid-afternoon light.
The non-native species will probably go up like tinder one day
and the Presidio will have to start over from scratch! 
Punapippuri keeps watch outside
one of the grander officers' residences
--now renting for about $15,000/month--
on the former army base that is now a privately-financed
part of the National Parks system.
A tiny glimpse of the Bay from atop a low rise.
Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic
are located near the northwestern edge
of Punapippuri's holdings.
The Lombard Gate funnels traffic into the Marina District,
an upscale neighborhood filled with self-involved Yuppies
and their yappy canines. More LA than SF really.

N.B. I hasten to assure my Dear Readers that much of the Presidio is given over to the wild forests King P prefers, but these pictures, alas, were taken on the fly as the Human drove through on her way to that doomed Super Bowl gathering last Sunday.


  1. Nice scenery but where are the birds?? If you drop by my blog really quickly, you'll see I accepted an award you gave me months ago. I have to put up a new blog before midnight so TW can enter some contest.

  2. We THINK we might have glimpsed a tail-tip of King P in one of those pictures. Or mebbe it was a moth...

  3. I saw this area thirty one years ago on a vacation. I'm sure it has changed dramatically

  4. Oh, MUST we be reminded of the Last Sunday?


  5. How exciting! Maybe your Mom will rent us one for a month or two so that we can visit! MOL!

  6. Now I feel like I been there but didn't done that...MOL

  7. it was great to feel some sun on my furs and have a trip round the Presidio. Thank you for the tour, King Spitty! And the forests were great - the eucalyptus trees were a bit smelly though, hehehe.

  8. Where are the koalas? Why have eucalyptus trees if not for the koalas? I want to see a koala. Where's my koala? KOALA, KOALA, KOALA!

  9. Top secret photo shot, that sounds like fun. Have a great day.

  10. That sure was a great and interesting picture tour. We liked that a lot. It sure is pretty. Have a great week.

  11. Quite the trip and even giving the yappy mutts lip, fun to do to the uptight crew.

  12. That sure does look like a terrific place to explore!

  13. thanks you fur stopping by with Valentines wishes dear Spitty. I sends you a big *smooochie* from AZ! xoxox

  14. Love your pictures pal. M said she's never been there, but thanks to your pictures, now she has seen a little bit of it anyway.

  15. Beautiful pics, Spitty!
    Glogirly recognizes them all : )

  16. Spitty! Yous had thr KING of Finland here and yous did not invite US to visit with him?

  17., like why her dinna drive down lombard at like 87 mouz per hour !!!

    like 80 baziilion yeerz ago when de food service purrson wuz in yur town and her wuz a LOT younger...her walked up de street N liked ta pazz out....


    we couldna ran up in noe time

  18. You had our friend visit and showed him all the sights. Brilliant. Hugs GJ xx

  19. We are with Prancer, make it a big one..Love the peek of the bay.. Wez kicked off the ball, and you'z awake, youz DANCING BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  20. It was a very nice tour. I like the gate idea in the last picture. I could do with a gate. A gate might just keep that ol' nosey neighbour cat our. Do you know where he is right now? He's in MY house! Could you believe it? Unbelievable, huh? MOUSES! purrs

  21. These are some great pictures, Spitty! The dad has been there before, and it brought back fond memories. :)

  22. Great pictures Spitty!! It looks like a great place to explore around!
    Love milo :)

  23. Lots of room to roam and we love those trees! Great scratching & climbing opportunities there!

  24. Looks pretty, at least you don't have snow.

  25. Thanks for the tour, Spitty. It's so nice to see some green...instead of snow and gray and yuck.


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