Saturday, October 8, 2016

            Sleeping on My Basket of Deplorables

"And what is in the basket?" you may ask.
Wonder no more, my furiends!

1.  Fleas
2.  Whoever it was at Whiskas that decided to stop making my favorite foods
3.  The word No* in all its myriad forms
4.  The Hots
5.  The Stabby Place

What's in your Basket?

(* On wise advice from our Bestie, Megan, I am adding the following qualifying phrase to #3:  . . .word No spoken by a Human . . .)


  1. Well... I don't really hate anything. I tried really hard to think of something too.

  2. Hang on Spitty. You don't wanna give up the word 'No'. It can be vital. Imagine, for example, that the Human asks you to move off the bed pillows. Or to agree to her inviting visitors over for dinner. Then there are those occasions when she might suggest that you've had too much to eat and you're not getting dessert. "No" has to be part of your arsenal!

    Sydney, Australia

  3. We don't have a basket of deplorables, but we do enjoy sleeping in the dirty laundry basket.
    Do you think that compares?

  4. Girlcats. Trouble is they don't stay in the box.....

  5. First, you are looking adorable on that box! Hope you can keep all the deplorables safely inside! Second, in our box of deplorables would be the mom being away! We hates it, we really hates it!

  6. Oh my, car rides should be in there too Spitty!

  7. People who are mean to cats should be in there. And people who do mean things to black cats, too!

  8. I'd like to put the pills that I have to take. The pills aren't bad, really, but I don't like taking pills. ~Ernie

  9. Angel's box would have trips to the vet and loud trucks in hers! Chuck is pretty chill.

  10. Mean people. Definitely mean, bully-ish people.

  11. Oh yes! A basket 101 like a room 101.
    Mine would have all my tablets.
    I was going to say my vet, but he is nice to me and gives me treats so maybe I won't put him in.
    The stinky tuxie cat that pees against the outside of my purrison fence and catches my mousies needs to go in as well.

  12. Strangers in my castle home, INTROODER cats in MY patio. That's about it Spitty

  13. Mes would puts Jo Jo in there! And mes would gets a HUGE lock and throw away the key!!!


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