Saturday, October 22, 2016

                                Tocktober's Spittitocks

And there I was, stretched out sweetly asleep, innocent as a lamb
No risk of bloodletting for anyone.
And yet . . . and yet . . . there she was again. This time, snapping indecent photos 
of my nether regions to post on the Innerwebs for all to see.
 She's a disgrace is what she is. I think I might need to hire a cattorney.


  1. Hoomins. No respect for feline kind's dignity at all.

  2. Hmmm - I think that you need to check the fine print in her contract of employment, Spitty, before dashing off to hire a cattorney. It's likely that she has committed to assisting you to participate in competitions, parties and various other kinds of events hosted by pusscats on the innerwebs. And Tocktober is one such event. If I'm correct, she isn't to be criticised on this occasion but - much as it may hurt you - actually praised for delivering on her contractual obligations (for once!)

    Good looking tocks by the way - but I guess none of your followers will be surprised about that.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. That deserves a little bloodletting, but at least you got a modesty sticker :)

  4. Whoa, Spitty! Maybe those pics belong on the Dark Web. ;)

  5. Seriously. Humans have no sense of decency.

  6. And she didn't even remove that star-shaped speck from her camera lens! Pöh

  7. Oh Goodness!!!
    Spitty, yous makes mes all fainty!

  8. OOOH Ooooh! *I* am an attorney! I am! Truly. I had posted that the sticky baby who belongs to mom's son and DIL that was here, and dared to eat my fuds TWO times! Well, I was going to sue him. But then, I posted that I thought I would do the better thing and defend him to his mom who was quaking with laughter at the debacle! (despite saying "how awful"). I have the video to prove it! I won the case.

    For you, the charge would be one half of a shared jar.

  9. Invasion of Privacy! Definitely a suit-worthy offense and I see a BIG SETTLEMENT coming your way too. GO FOR IT SPITTY!

    Hugs, Sam

  10. CK, Esq. at your services. What seems to be the transgression? I get my 50% up front you know.

  11. Has she no shame!
    My mum said that my dad had about 3 inches cut off for their wedding. Maybe he should have kept the trimmings to stick on his head now!

  12. It's Tocktober! Everyone's nether regions are on display, Spitty. Sorry, I'm on her side this time, big guy.


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