Friday, March 10, 2017

Darling Nellie and Spittola Prove . . .

you are never too old! 
I rolled the ol' Furrari right out onto the street and, in a flash, collected Sweet Nellie in British Columbia. We stopped by a nice nature reserve where I had some flowers waiting for her:

We lunched on a couple of tiny forest creatures, and then sped off to San Francisco, where we enjoyed a little spray from the Pacific and a slightly cloudy blue sky:

I whisked her home before her Mommy even knew she had run off with me! Though maybe she'll wonder where the flowers came from . . .


  1. Spitty, Darling man!
    Mes feels so happy and Young after our afternoon jaunt! Mes has been so furry tired of all the snow and rain this year, and yous has brother mes a wonderful taste of spring. Mes loves yous to bits!
    Many kisses
    Your Nellie Bellie

  2. You are a true romantic and so kind, Spitty. It seems you know how to treat a lady cat.

  3. Oh Spitty! What a fun thing you did there in surprising Nellie at her home and whisking her off to your city after enjoying the beneficial airs of the forest following a gourmet lunch. I know she loved every second and certainly you as well. xx

  4. I'm Shocked. Shocked and Dismayed. Shocked and Dismayed and Shocked! ~ IZA-Lovey And HERE I was JUST about to invite you into my new tent in the warm living room... Oh you scroundel!

  5. You are such a romantic, Spitty. I never doubted for one minute that you were too old for a romantic day out in the Furrari.

  6. Spitty, you are the sweetest and most romantic man-cat, and we know Nellie loved every minute of this. Way to go! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  7. Spitty, you are such a charmer! It sounds like you and Nellie had a wonderful time together!

  8. Ah, Spittikins my DEAREST, I should have stopped an thought how cold and rainy it was where Nellie lives before I got all angrified. You did that girlcat (whom we ALL love) a kindness bringing her to the City Of Perpetual Non-Summer! Her tired old bones probably NEEDED that break from Mid-Winter to a Chilly Early Sand Fransiscer Spring. *coff, coff* You were TOO kind!

    And of COURSE you can come visit me soon. As it is going to get down below 25 here for the next few nights, I will introduce you to a tent OUT ON THE DECK! ~ IZA-POUTY

  9. I am so glad you and Nellie had a fun day together.


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