Monday, March 13, 2017

? ? ? ? ? Twenty Questions ? ? ? ? ?

Q1) What is the light green thing above the poorly-folded orange shirt (worn only for Giants' games, we hasten to assure you), and why is it in the bedroom with the clothes and shoes?

Q2) Why does the Human watch old episodes of Sherlock and (worse) 24 when she should be sleeping? Why does she have a little portable DVD player under one of the pillows?

Q3) Look carefully where the box spring meets the bed frame. Do you see the little white threads there? Whose masterful work is that?

Q4) Why is the bed always so messy? We observe in other Kitties' blogs that lots of Humans are sooooooo much neater than mine.

Q5) What is the most attractive thing in this picture? Okay, then, what is the second most attractive?

Imagine there are 15 more.


  1. My human never makes the bed unless she is doing a photo shoot with us on it. Just so you know.

  2. I can't answer those questions, but mum's bed is messy, she doesn't make it most of the time.

  3. Oh Spitty - I don't think you should leave us to imagine the remaining 15 questions. I think you should make this a multi-part quiz, with another 5 questions to follow tomorrow and the day after and the day after. Life is full of puzzles and there's a lot of material in this one photograph that needs to be examined.

    So, for my opening entry in the competition ('cos you will be awarding prizes, won't you?), my answers are:
    1. I can't tell. Not because I'm stupid, but because the Human's poor photography has let you down (again).
    2a. Because she's so troubled and anxious about the poor quality of service that she's been providing to you that she can't sleep.
    2b. No idea. The mind boggles. (I think this should have been listed as a separate question!)
    3. Sorry - poor photography prevents me from contributing a sensible answer.
    4. Because your Human is a troubled soul who is restless at night, whipping herself with shame and regret about the quality of her service to you. When she gets out of bed in the morning, she's still so tired that she's not thinking very well and it doesn't occur to her that she should make the bed. To be fair to her, part of her rationale is that she should be focussing on providing quality service to you ahead of addressing her own needs and interests, so making her bed is quite a long way down the list of priorities.
    5. D'oh. That was a no brainer, wasn't it? Hmmm. The second most attractive thing is the patchwork quilt. Is it something you whipped up yourself? Well, you know what I mean - you would have struggled without magic thumbs, but did you at least choose the design, coordinate the selection of fabrics and snoopervise the Human's workmanship very closely to ensure a quality outcome?

    Looking forward to tomorrow's questions.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. What is this 'folding' of which you speak ? And 'making the bed'? Unfamiliar to us and google translate doesn't help.

  5. My momma only makes da bed when she changes her sheets. So yeah, ya got us beat.

  6. All excellent questions. We will ponder between naps and get back to you.

  7. You make the bed...pardon the pun. You are the single most important entity there so all eyes are continually on you. Right?

  8. Spitty, you know that you aren't living with Martha Stewart! I neaten up a little when I'm taking photos, but perfectly neat and clean is a sin, in my book!

  9. Hmm.....this is a tough test. (1) dunno (2)dunno (3)Threads? I thought it was some kind of critter hunkered down under there! (4) In your human's defense, there was an obvious effort to TRY and straighten up the bed so she gets a coupla points for that (5) the second most attractive thing could be either {a}the quilt or {b}the sun streaming in! So, how'd I do on the test Spitty????

    Hugs, Angel Sam (with some help from Ted)

  10. You are the most attractive in the photo. I must say the bed doesn't look messy.

  11. Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!!
    1 - Green thing? Mes sees no green thing...can your human take a better picture?
    2 - Mes assumes it is for the same reason my human watches Grimm and Lucifer.... and wes gots a TABLET under our pillow...Mommy reads (really she plays video games) and uses it to cast to the cromecast on the bedroom TV.
    3 - Was that the spot where yous and mes cleaned off our claws after using the facilities and BEFORE wes went back to bed to er...ah.. cuddle?
    4 - Yous knows, living with a neat freak is not all its cracked up to bes... mes gets disturbed when my Mommy makes the bed...sometimes mes wishes she was not so OCD....
    5 - Of course it is YOUS but the Quilt from Ms Stella is stunning too and for the other 13 mes would say the various lady cats traipsing through your beddy room with mes on that list at least 4 times!!!
    Now why does yous not comes over to my spick and span bedroom and wes can gets black and white furs all over the black and white comforter?
    Many Kisses
    Your Nellie Bellie

  12. Our imaginations are running wild with the other 13 questions Spitty!

  13. Excellent questions, Spitty. You sure did a terrific job where the box spring meets the frame. Masterful!

  14. Spitty, you should see all our decorative work under the humans' bed. That's why you never see pictures taken when we're under the bed. :)

  15. Our mom is an avowed neat freak. Vacuuming is her life. But back to you and your woes. Your human should have nature videos to entertain you. We really hope you've managed a decent opening in that box spring covering to explore--it's the best place to hide EVER.

  16. You should see how much more inept our human is when it comes to housebandry :)

    Emma and Buster

  17. I can't stop laughing -- and it should never be a question as to why anyone would want to watch 24! Come on - even cats have to appreciate that show - the series Always Sunny in Philadelphia - even had an episode once with a cat named Jack Bower!! And Spitty-Frodo is coming for his Remedial Ninja Cupboard Invasion class!!

  18. LOL @ neat house.. um.. yeah.. it's all in the way you frame the photo..

  19. The last question was so, of course! We suspect that you, Spitty, may have something to do with the less than well-made bed. If it was ip o cir mom, the bed would never be made. Our dad is the one who makes it everyday. Bring on the other 15 ? when you get the opportunity. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


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