Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I hope I get another tiny serving of half-and-half pretty soon, especially since I did not get The Runs last time.
The Human has been very good about playing fev-ver toy with me lately; maybe I should show some gratitude.  
If the kitteh wants to nap, nobody should be clicking the flashy box.   
I wonder how Ah-nold kept that kid a secret for so long?
Is the world really going to end this Saturday?

And say, what's happened to the Giants?


  1. Ah, yes, the mom forgot about the world ending this Saturday. Guess she won't have to bother with the rest of the painting, then, will she? :-P

    You could try Catsip or lactose-free milk, perhaps.

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Wow, Spitty - you have been very busy thinking. I think you should take a nap now and rest up for the next round of fevver. Have a great day.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of thoughts, Spittolicious. We need a nap from reading all of those thoughts!

    ps-we're PRO half and half and ANTI-Arnold.

  4. Spitty my dear..I have half and half here tho I never tried it, and mommy has always given me two tablespoons of skim milk every single day! Wanna sip with me? I also have Cat Milk. The bar is open. xoxox

  5. Mommy told us not to worry about the end of the world. She says there's a going to be a big party instead. I don't care as long as there's lots of milk and catnip there.

  6. You sure have a lot on your mind Spitty! Hey, I'm just gonna mostly nap so if I wake up and the world is still here...I can take another nap!

  7. If the end of the world this Sat, I think I must eat as much as I can from now !

  8. I think the human would eat up a little gratitude. Most humans will slave even harder for you after a bit of thankies. PT

  9. Spitty
    That is a lot of thoughts to ponder Spitty.
    You must be tired thinking about all of those things!


  10. Wow, you really have a lot on your mind! I hope you get some half and half. I bet that is just as good as my favorite, whipped cream.

  11. I don't know anything about giants, but I don't think the world is going to end on Saturday. At best, a bunch of people my human does not know are going to disappear.

  12. You get half-and-half?! I want to visit your house!

    Pretty interesting questions, Spitty. Don't really know about any of them, but I certainly hope the world doesn't end, or I won't get my new tower.

  13. Half and half by the QUART at our house, Spitty! No wonder Mommy's bum is burgeoning.

    Also Mommy says there is NO WAY she's goin' up with all the goody-goodies. She wants to drive the bus to h-e-l-l and we suspect she'll get her wish.
    heh heh.

  14. See? That Woman is so busy she was totally unawares that the world is ending. She said "So soon?"... Ah well. Good thing she checks your blog first! You keep us all up to date.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  15. That's waaaay too much thinking for one day, Spitty. Now go take a nap!

  16. Since the world is probably going to end, you should get all the half and half you want!!

  17. Wow, Spitty, we are very impressed with your mind AND your body, you smart, handsome boy!!...So much to think about here, but we still find ourselves going back to Tuesday's post and your sexy photos playing with your fevver toy=WOOOHOOOOO!!...And hey, since you aren't a bag kitty, Sukki says you can come over and play in her box anytime=that would make her Thankful Thursday post REALLY thankful, sweetie :)...Smoochies x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki
    PS...Halle was named after the beautiful Catwoman Halle Berry :) (Hal-E), Calle was named for Calista, Greek for "most beautiful" (Cal-E)...We all love you, Spitty!!...xoxoxoxo

  18. You are quite the philosopher cat!


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