Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toy Tuesday

When the Human bought this for me, like, two YEARS ago, I would not give it even a speck of my attention. But to my surprise when she dragged it out to tempt me today, it had totally changed

P.S.  Kitties, do you notice that the nice white centerpiece-dish is gone-gone-gone from the table, and that my soft brown blankie has been unfolded a bit to give me more lounging space? Your offering pleases Kitty, Human!


  1. Spitty, we're like that with toys too. We love how colourful all those feathers are!

    And we think you're VERY lucky to have that cosy blanket on the table. We're not even allowed get ON the table when our mom's around. Okay, so there's no room for us anyway, what with her laptop and the rest of her "stuff," but it's the principle of it.

  2. Hey, when you're ready to play, you're ready to play!!!

  3. That looks like a toy we would love. We truly love fevvers. Guess you just weren't ready for that one before. Your blanket looks great on the table. That is suitable place for you to lounge. Have a great day.

  4. The Metamorphosis of the Feather Toy would make a great art house film, Spitty! With you as the star.

    Grayce says she cannot second, out of Grey Panthers Solidarity, (GPS) but May Ling will. She and Rupert tussle all the time, anyway.

  5. The toy looks fun, but having the centerpiece replaced completely by your blanket is REALLY awesome!

  6. Spitty, fevvers are my favorite toys. I love them. I have all sorts of fevvers. Right now I am not playing with them becuse I am a bit piqued with my mommy but soon, I will be chasing them again.

    Fanks for the hams Gerbers. Wanna try chicken or lamb? I have some. Let's start opening jars..wanna?

  7. Feather toy is Awesome fun, and more space for you to play..That's superb ! We cats love big space dood : )

  8. Those are great fevvers and looks like a really good toy to pounce!
    You rule the house from your throne on the table! Nice work!

  9. Now that is a play toy to beat all play toys! No wonder you decided to give it another look.

    Your brown blankie looks mighty soft, too.

  10. That looks like a great toy!

    Concatulations on being given the table for your very own! No less than what you deserve.

  11. Spitty
    It's about time you got full rein of the table!
    Mom gave up on us, and just put quilts on top of the furniture we like to be on top of.
    WE all love that toy, can we come and play too?


  12. Those fevvers are quite colorful and big. It looks like you are having lots of fun with them.

    YAY for being on the table on your blanket!

  13. That's an awesome toy, Spitty! Look at all those feathers!!

    And we think that blanket with you on it makes a much better centerpiece than some dish.

  14. You look right at home in the middle of the table, Spitty!! And that feather toy is divine!! Multicolored feather sticks are so Spring 2011!

  15. Hmmm. What do you suppose she wants?

  16. what a great gathering of feathers you have Spitty! And so colorful too - we are envious.

    Gidget and Lola

  17. Thats so cool ya gotta whole FLOCK of birdies there! We completely unnerstand why ya would love that.

  18. Hey Spitz, that's because ALL FLAT SURFACES belong to the CAT; even the ones that weren't flat before, a carefully placed paw swipe creates instant space with minimum fuss.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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