Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mancat Musings

Hi Kitties!  Remember this? Well, a few kittehs wondered why the Human has so many candles. Here are some answers: No, we don't have frequent power outages. No, she does not resell them. Yes, she hoards them. Go figure. 
And you know what's worse? That's not all of them! She does burn them often, but at her age, it's a race between finishing all the candles and the arrival of death. MOL!

The Human will be on spring break starting next Caturday. I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, we've been getting along pretty well of late; on the other, she's been talking about the Sucky Monster and how all my beddies need to go to the laundromat, which means I'll have to fur them all up again just when they have achieved the perfect balance of softness and good smells, so I don't like the sound of THAT.

Finally, do you know what next Thursday is? Well, do you? It's my One-Year Blogoversary, THAT'S what it is! I am probably going to have a Gerber and Niptini blowout, so I hope you can all stop by!


Summer at said...

You think that's bad, Spitty? My human has one whole ROOM devoted to books! Even worse, we are not allowed in there because she is not "done" with it (i.e., there is stuff all over the place she has not put away). And I will bet she hasn't read all of them, and I will bet she will feel really dumb for having them when everything is digital and no one cares about paper books anymore (which is how long it would take for her to finish reading all of them).

I am really looking forward to your blogoversary!

Katnip Lounge said...

We think maybe there are 12-step programs and maybe even a rehab center for candle hoarders. At least she doesn't collect Cats, Spitty!


Grayce is shining up her fangs in preparation for your party; she's muttering something like "and a BITE for good luck"... it's hard to make out exactly what she's saying with a toothbrush in her maw.

The Island Cats said...

Spitty, our mom has lots of candles too. She likes to burn some...they're supposed to smell good, she says...but unless they are catnip scent, we could care less. And they're not.

Stacy Hurt said...

There is something joyously perverse in the combination of baby food & niptini's.

I shall be there as they say, with bells on!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Mr Puddy said...

Spitty, May be your mom love the candle like we love nip !
And I can't wait to see how you cerebrate 1 Year Blogoversary : )
I will be here, You can count on me , Buddy !

Brian said...

Oh no, not hoarding, we might see her on TV! Pawty??? Hey, I'm in!!!

Kea said...

Candle hoarding? Gasp! Hahaha. Let's face it, Spitty, there are worse things.

We'll look forward to your Blogoversary!

-Fuzzy Tales

Tucker The Crestie said...

Hmm ... our Mom hoards books. But because she doesn't have time to read as much as she likes, they tend to just stack up and up and up. Now she has a little gadgety thing that she hoards the books on, so on the one hand it's good that the hoarding behavior doesn't impact the amount of spade we have to move around in. On the other hand, as you said, it's a race to see whether she will finish all of these books before her "expiration date."

Can't wait for your Blogaversary!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Gerbers and Niptinis? I am SOOOOO there. (like I usually am) (hehehehe)

OKcats said...

Spitty-the-Kitty, our mom LOVES candles, too. And she burns them. And more than once, a cat has had singed butt furs! hahahahaha!!!! It smells really bad, in case you didn't know.

Your friend, Fuzzy

P.S. My mom wants me to tell you she does not pick up a bad cat and put its butt on the candle as punishment (though it IS always the bad cats who have singed butt furs....)

meowmeowmans said...

Your mom is a candle hoarder? Well, as long as she actually uses them.

Happy blogoversary! We can't wait til the pawty!


Our Mom brought this 'fake' candles. She says she worries about fires and cat fur so she opted for battery operated candles. Go figure. (well she does have some real one around but she said she would not use them with 5 cats in the house)...I don't understand why.


Shaggy and Scout said...

No candles here Spitty, mom gets migraines with scents like that but she has tons of books and her secret fetish is notepads. If she sees a cute pad of paper, she buys it. She is trying to conquer this addiction because she's on another too much clutter kick again.