Friday, July 6, 2012

I'd Like to Thank the Academy . . .

The Beauteous & Saucy Savannah shared this awardie with me a few weeks ago,
and shortly thereafter I received this. . .

I know I am supposed to reveal elebenty secrets about me or the Human, and pass the awardies to fitty-sebben other kittehs, but all that has me in a kerfuffle that has led me to procrastinate 
even beyond my usual laziness.

So here's the deal I have cut wif my Human. I will tell you two inneresting things, one about me and one about her. How's that?

*I* have developed a pretty big ManCat crush on Austin @ CATachresis. He's my new idol. 
He's handsome and daring and bold and hilarious.
What's not to luff?

*She* has been an English teacher for thirty-seven years, but she has never read Ulysses, The Alexandria Quartet or any Jane Austen novel except Pride and Prejudice. Shhhhh, please don't tell anyone.

Now we are going to pass along these awards to two kittehs each
The Inspiring Blogger award goes to
Willow and her Human at Devoted to Willow
Shaggy and Scout at Little Cat Feet

The Kreativ (it hurts the Human to type that word) Blogger award goes to
Emma & Buster 
Goro & Niko

Thanks, again, Savannah & Nerissa! Sorry it took us so long!!


  1. There is no picture of Yous! And me has a crush on Austin too!

  2. My human has sworn that if for some reason she ever has to be bedridden for an extended period of time, she will tackle Ulysses.

    It is probably one of the reasons she has been so healthy for her whole life!

  3. And concatenations on your awards! I think my assistant (i.e., my human) was in a hurry to run off after the mention of Ulysses!

  4. I MEANT concatulations! Stupid spell check.

  5. Conga rats on the two awards. Good for you. It takes our Person forever to do the awards. What is with these hoooomans. We think Austin is pretty darn funny too. Have a great day.

  6. Conga Rats KIng Spittola. I love these particular awards because we learn so much about one another and our pawrents. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Woo hoo! Congratulations on your awards, Spitty!
    Our Mommy hasn't heard of those books except for Pride and Prejudice (which she read and have completely forgotten what it's all about). She remembers an owl named Ulysses....

  8. We won't tell about your human's secrets. My mom has never read *any* Jane Austen and would just as soon put her own eye out with a grapefruit spoon when it comes to James Joyce.

    As for the other thing, I'm going to have to check out this new so-called idol of yours.

  9. Yes indeedy, Austin has many hearts of both sexes (and many species) a fluttering!

    Our Mommy struggled through P&P a few years ago, and she thought "meh".

    How's the monolith?

  10. Awwwww! Buddy! I've come over all shy and unnecessary at your revelation. In fact my tuxie is pink with delight and a little embarrassment cos the feeling is a bit mutual here!

    My human says she read the second half of a Dickens once. Never again!! She thinks that JA and JJ should have got together and maybe they would have been too busy to write such boring stuff and maybe they would have come up with the prequel to 50 shades of grey, called 30 hues of scarlet or something!! And for some reason she is splitting her sides at William's grapefruit spoon comment! Weird!

  11. Errrr! Spitty. This is Austin's beleaguered human here to rectify Austin's oversight in not congratulating you on your awards. I can only apologise, but fame and adulation has gone straight to his furry head! Anyway well done and concats xox

  12. ConCatulations on your awards!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  13. Our mom considers herself a book worm but hasn't read many of the "classics" either. So we'll say that while having your nose in a book (or several books) all day just makes her a prolific reader but not well read.
    Thanks for the award Spitty!

  14. Congratulations Spitty!
    Funny thing is, that's the only Jane Austin I've read too! I hate to say it, but I much prefer her novels in movie form..

  15. The 'Academy'... I like that! No... I LOVE IT!!! purrs

  16. Congratulations on your awards!! And thank you so much for sharing the award with us. We feel so honored and happy!!

  17. Congrats Sir Spitty and I enjoyed the tidbits about you and your human!

  18. Congrats on your awards, Spitty. So you got a mancat crush on Austin?? Well, we can understand that. He is pretty cool. And it's never too late for your human to read those books, but why bother?? Eh!!!

  19. Concats on your awards. Thanks for not passing them to me. I'm so busy with this auction. BTW, bidding is open on the quilt. You'll have to break the bank.

  20. Spitty thanks for thinking of me when giving the award specially for human and cat thats sweet.

    It was a wonderful time that I had with you at the pawty and we really destroyed the dancefloor with your twosteps. I was glads purrs Willow


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