Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spitty's on Fire

Quite a while back, Nellie shared this fabulous award with me! Thanks, Darling Nellie, I am honored (even if my Human *was* just a leetle slow in posting about it).

So the award is supposed to include a list of eight unusual things about the recipient. To be honest, I don't think there are eight unusual things about me, so I will list three things and call it a day!

I am terrified of boxes. Boxes are Angry Beings that might devour an unsuspecting kitty at any time.
On the other hand, even the loudest outdoor noise does not faze me in the slightest.

I have never met a Kitty Treat that tempted me even the tiniest bit.

I think all my furiends are Hot, but I will share this award with these fiery felines:


  1. You don't like treats? You don't like BOXES? Oh my gosh, Spitty... well... I never! I love those things! What are your favourites instead? purrs

  2. OMC, Spitty! Those things are pretty shocking!

  3. Spity, I am surprised at some of your idiosyncrasies! You don't like Temptations or any other kind of TREATS? Are you really a cat? OMC.

  4. You don't like boxes, Spitty? I think that is the weirdest thing I have ever heard!

  5. Are you even a cat!? No treats!?

  6. Spitty, Bro! You sure are unique!!! A cat that doesn't like boxes?? Perhaps you were kept in one against your will? :(( But if you are really brave about outside noises, I wanna be in your gang in the playground? :))

    WOW! thanks for passing it on to me and the snivelling menial. She says it's very appropriate as she's on fire a lot of the time due to some Irish cat dood called Meh N. O'Paws!

    Your pal, Austin

  7. Austin's Snivelling Menial here! He meant to say CONCATULATIONS on the award! I don't know. So badly brought up!!

  8. Concatulations Spitty! Great awardie and those are able kitties you passed it on to. xoxoxoxo

  9. WHAT? You are the only cat I know that is afraid of boxes. Did some mean old box traumatize you?

  10. Spitty - you are not the only cat that does not like treats. The Spotted Airhead does not like them either. When Mommie was telling the V.E.T. about that, she laughed at Mommie and said she just was not giving her the right kind. The V.E.T. then gave her a Greenie and said watch this she will love these. Callie took one look at it and kicked it off the exam table!

    Thank you so much for the award. I plan to remind Callie often that it was awarded to ME, not her!

  11. You don't like treats or boxes? Wow! We didn't realize these things, Spitty. Well, that leaves more for us then! :-P

    Concats on the award!

  12. I have to admit you take the "award" in more ways than one on this one!!

    First, congrats on your award! Don't feel bad, Nellie gave it to us too and we have YET to post about it as well!!!

    Afraid of boxes?????? What????? That's a first!

    But even MORE unusual...a cat that doesn't like treats???? Unheard of!!!

  13. Congrats Spitty! As your good friends we will take your boxes to keep you safe!

  14. Oh Spitty!
    ! Noises! Treats! Me has to dispute that last one!
    me has seen yous with Silvervine.
    Me shall come over and comfort yous and protects yous from the evil boxes.

  15. Congratulations on the very hot award!! They are very unusual things about you for sure... We will take your boxes because they are welcome here :-)

  16. Spitty, Russell is the same way with treats! Personally, I find that troubling on so many levels.

    I bet some formerly feral person closed you in a box once. That will be 5¢, please.

  17. Spitty, we never knew that boxes were so awful, but that explains why Sylvester pees in them Every. Single. Time.

    Naturally, we wimmens are all HOT and on FIRE just thinking about you!

  18. Don't like treats? Not even the Dreamies I sent you??? Maybe MMM would like them. I think you were trapped in a box when you were feral out in the street and remember the trauma. It took awhile for you to go in your tunnel too. That's a cool award! xoxo

  19. No boxes? what about bags? Are they evil too? Isn't.. your bed sorta like a soft cushy box? MOL
    No treats? We thought Leo didn't like treats either, but then I found that if I put them in his dish, he loves them! He won't eat them out of my hand, on the floor or the Royal Footstool, they have to be in his dish.
    Nothing outside frightens you? That's because the king is safe in his castle, right?
    Congratulations on your award!!

  20. Oh Spitty
    we are so sorry that boxes scare you. They are like the best thing next to mice.
    Concats on being on fire!
    We knew you were hot hot hot!!


  21. WOOT! Concatulations! And...seriouslies?!? You don't like boxes? WOW!

  22. Concats, handsome Spitty, on your award. You musta had a bad time with a box before you met Mom. I don't like some treats.

  23. We only like Feline Greenie treats and we ADORE all boxes and bags. Maybe you should come and play with us one day!

  24. Spitty you are just an individual that walks to his own tune with dislike of boxes and treats. It makes you unique.

    Thank for thinking of me for an award purrs.

  25. awww are such a mancat! So glad to call you my furriend! Thank you tons for this award. I do already have it, but I will post my appreciation later this week.

    Now, about the 'no treats' thing...whew...did you ever get me off the hook with that admission...I have not found one treat yet that I could not turn my nose up at!!! Just give me some hard food for a treat...I get mostly canned, but I learned to luvluvluv hard food when I was held at the shelters 'cuz that's all they can feed.


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