Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Sun Puddle!

Our fogs burned away for a couple of hours the other day, and voila! A sun puddle called my name. I had a wonderfully warm nappy. It was delightful. I'm hoping for another puddle by the weekend, but the Human says the fogs might be tough to penetrate.
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

In other news, remember my absent paws on Monday? 
Yes, I thought you would. 
So here they are, up-close and smoochable.
I guess SomeHuman must've gotten a jump start, MOL!
William & Shaggy'n'Scout:  Was that your Mom(s)?


  1. We see the King of the Jungle has decided to come out to the open to enjoy a lovely spot of sun. :)
    Our Mommy says she'll take the risk of kissing you on your pretty little head
    rather than your paws which have gone to places she rather not kiss. MOL!

  2. I'm glad you got some sun puddles, Spitty! The fog steals them way too often in your part of California.

  3. Hurrah for sunpuddles, Spitty. The sunshine certainly shows off your gorgeous fur. :-)

    Enjoy while you can!

  4. Darling, where is your cinnamon underwear? Are you going commando? Gasp?

    PS I have a pin-up picture over at my house and how is your mom? Did that horrible stone take a powder and leave? xoxox

  5. I was a little worried about you since I don't believe you visited me yesterday. Thought maybe the human's stone was rolling or something. Get it—Rolling Stone! Glad that everything's OK and you're so kissable. Those look like MY lips on your paws. I do believe that's my lip gloss shade.

  6. It WAS our mom! We recognize her SMOOCH!
    Oh she is again......*SMOOCH* *SMOOCH*
    Oh Geez...she got both paws this time.

  7. *goggle-eyed look* uhhh...cinnamon underwear???

  8. Yeah for sun puddles! Aren't they just the best? purrs

  9. That is, as it should be, a very Royal sunpuddle!

  10. Oh Spitty Spitty Spitty.. You KNOW what the sight of you in a sun puddle does to the girl kitties. Especially Star.. Your furs look so silky and soft and the shading... ooo, fainty Star is out again..
    Kissy paws!! Oh so cute!!!

  11. Hooray fur sunpuddles, handsome Spitty. Here, it's a wet day with no sunpuddles in sight.
    Hoping your Mommy is better.

  12. Hey, you want sun? Come on over here!

    And nah, my mom's been hogging the pc doing stupid crap...I mean busy.

  13. Aaaaaah SUN! Lovely! And thanks for an upclose shot of those sexy paws of yours! MWAH! ;o)

  14. So how are you gonna get that lipstick off of there, Spitty?? Don't lick it off...then you'll have it on your lips!

    Enjoy your sunpuddle!

  15. We always have sun puddles these days. We need rain.

  16. Spitty
    YOU look mar---ve-lous in that sun puddle.


  17. Enjoy your sunpuddle! On another note - Nellie is going to try to visit with Sassy in Dallas at the end of July. Sassy and Nellie together on the town....uhm, can you stay available in case they need another jail break out?

  18. Hiya Spitty!! And of course we have way more sun puddles over here in the East Bay than for us...thank COD!! for the fog...

  19. Oh Spitty!
    me is swooning with your lushiousness! Me is whapping Mommy for me being so delayed in visiting this week. If me had seen this picture, me would has been over to share that puddle with yous, and yous would has had smoochies over more than just your paws!

  20. FaRADaY: WOOT! Lookit us! We're back online now that Mommy's back! She's catching up wif all our commenting!

    Maxwell: but Dude, we're kinda sun puddled out over here...*sigh* (How's mom feeling??)


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