Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Why, hello Kitties!  Today I think I will address a couple of random topics, so bear with me:

ʘ  Aggie and Wally and Madie's Dad is an excellent Dad and a furry fine Human, but he is not interested in helping them with a blog of their own--well, not now anyway. (The Human is patiently working on him.) The Human and I are furry interested in the integration of Miss Madie Mitten Kitten into the A&W family and we enjoy writing about them and their secret lives.
Plus, I am an only cat and as endlessly interesting as I am, there are days when even I become (Dare I say it?) bored with myself. So A&W&M provide a nice diversion.

ʘ  Yes, I do like pink stuff. Anybody got a problem with that?

ʘ  Warning: TMI   At a recent medical meeting, it was reported to the Human that she has kidney stones, not a kidney stone. Further intrusions upon her person are planned (i.e., an ultrasound).  Fortunately the Family Stone must be happy in their neighborhood because apparently they are not on the move, which is the cause of the excruciating agony discomfort of an attack.

ʘ  The Human is taking a class this week from 8 - 4 efurry day so she is not helping me visit like she should. She needs to get her priorities in order. I need some advice on how to straighten her out, Kitties. Any suggestions?


  1. Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles. And not sitting on her lap when she's trying to pee out those stones would also be a bonus.

    We're purring for her, Spitty!

  2. Try stepping on her tail when she heads for the door, Spitty! Alternatively, yak on her shoes, again, before she makes it to the door. Either of these are guaranteed to stop her from leaving. We'd suggest some other things, but don't want to give our whole game plan away. Purrs.

    Taffy & my woman, Laura

  3. Real men rock the pink. Just sayin'...

    Tell your mom to drink A LOT. It helps float those suckers out without as much pain. The Man has a lot of experience with them...

  4. Poor Mom. Give her lots of rest and lovins, then tell her if she doesn't get off her bum, you'll help her pass the stones through her throat! HaHaMeow! (it's a win-win situation)

  5. I wish I could help you with that last one, Spitty, but do you know my human is going to be at a writing conference this weekend that takes her out of the house most of the day for three days, including her birthday? Feh. That conference was her birthday gift to herself. I think she should have bought me a new cat tree for her birthday instead.

  6. Spitty, buddy! It ain't gonna haff to be hairballs at dawn over Katie is it? We are bruvvers!! Anyway methinks the lady doth protest too much over that ginger fella. What say you?

    Message to the Human from the staff "Ouch, ouch and again ouch!!!" xx

  7. We think you would look REALLY good with a pink collar...with a pink bell. Yeah.
    We can't believe the stones haven't passed yet. What a pain...literally!

  8. Spitty, we love hearing about the activities of MMMK but sure don't think you are boring. You always have something going on.
    We don't have any really good ideas about getting that Mom to stay home. It is hard to do.
    Sure hope those stones start floating right on out. Take care.

  9. Oh SPITTY...Hairballs at DAWN over little ol' ME? Heeeee! TeeeHEEEEE! (Austin's comment) That's enough to almost make me forget that I have no TV.

    I fink you look totally awesome in your pink beddy and as Max said, real man cats rock pink!

    Tell mommy that we hope she gets those stones blasted to oblivion soonest. My mom has been wincing for her.


  10. Oh Spitty, I wish I could help you with your human but to be honest, I've already got my paws full with my two peeps! They're such a lot of work, you know. purrs

  11. Oh Spitty!
    Your poor mommy! And me must admit, me has been enjoying the Maddie and Co. Posts. at first me missed my Spitty, but they is pretty darn funny!

  12. Spitty, I am having a similar problem with my mom. Only mine has zero excuse. Go figure.

    Anyway, she is sorry to hear about the family of stones. Don't you think those human vets would figure out a way to just zap those things? If they were cats, they would!

    We like the adventures of MMM but the danger is always that my mom gets into a mood for little cats. Eeek.

    Oh, and not to worry about Caroline--there's another toy basket with many more toys in it just a mere feet away!

  13. Oh, dear your poor Human. Please take good care of her. I am sure she will return the favor when she's well!

  14. P.S. We think pink is a very manly color.

  15. your human needs to email me! Have they tested her for medullary sponge kidneys like I have, or are these just renegade stones?

  16. Thank you for the kond and thoughtful words on the passing of my beloved Alex. I appreciate you. Sister Gracie from Brian's Home

  17. A. We enjoy the Saga of Aggie & Wally!

    7. You enjoy pink stuff....have you ever met Skeezix? Now there's a guy that loves pink stuff!

    #. Oh your poor momma!

    g. If it's a class on kittehs it's ok, otherwise not. Then you get to chew up her homework.

  18. Sorry to hear the human's not helping you so much, Spitty. Good help is so hard to find these days!

    You'd look great in pink, because you are so mancatly!

  19. You are most hoSPITable (emphasis on the SPIT), Spitty, to share your blog with your furiends. And you are humble, to boot! I think you are infinitely interesting, but then I'm just getting to know you.

    Just so you know you're not alone, Dante wears pink sometimes -- I even have pictures of it. I think the last time was on Valentine's Day.

    I'm glad your Mama isn't in excruciating pain anymore because the stones are stationary, but I hope the Ultrasound will break them up once and for all.

    As far as rePURRioritizing your Mom, it will happen all by itself once the class is over, methinks. If not, then put the bitey on her!

  20. Whoa! Human problems— We've all got 'em. Mine is lazy and shiftless. She refuses to spend her "precious" time visiting with my furrends. Really!

  21. Spitty
    We love seeing your posts on the "kitten".

    We also love seeing posts about Wally and Aggie. WE feel like we "know" them.

    Oh dear your poor Human. WE are soooo sorry to hear about the stoneS. We hope things work themselves out.

    Uh oh...your Human is also very busy too...*gulp*....we know what that means....


  22. We enjoy seeing Aggie and Wally and Miss Madie Mitten Kitten very much. It must be fun as well if they have their own blog too :-)
    So sorry your human got kidney stones...purr for her, Spitty, it will help.

  23. Spitty, here's our comments to your random topics...

    We kinda like seeing and hearing about A, W and M. Though we really think A and W need to get with the program and put Miss M in her place!

    Hey, if you like pink...that's okay with us. Whatever floats your boat, as the mom says.

    We don't know much about the Family Stone, but we don't like pain so we feel for your human.

    And as far as getting her priorities straight...Spitty, we know you will come up with the appropriate revenge for her.

  24. Well, you know usually I am 100% on your side, but having in the past been a victim of the Family Stone, this time your Mommie has all of my sympthy.

  25. We like hearing about your furends and their new kitty trying to fit in!
    Real men like pink! No problem with that at all!
    Poor human!! She needs to serve that family Stone an eviction notice!
    Classes instead of being your secretary?? Perhaps she's learning something that might benefit YOU, like how to pamper a king properly, how to find royal toys for a king, where kingly treats can be found... or other royal servent type things. Maybe cut her a small break? And use the time alone to woo more of your ladycat friends... Star wants you to know she's free tonight..

  26. We are tryin ta think of Kings through history that wore pink. Nope, none come to mind. That lived...


  27. We will Miss Madie cause she is so cute! We are sorry your mom has kidney stones and will purr for her. There just is no good reason for not visiting and attending to all your needs. Keep her awake until she finishes all her duties! Maybe shed in her dinner until she gives in.

  28. Oh My Cod!! I am so relieved that you, King Spitty, are like me, Princess Savannah (that is my Dad who thinks so)...an only cat...High Paw Pumps for only cat homes....


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