Monday, August 27, 2012

All Your Living Room R Belong to Me

All the chair R belong to me.
All the Tower R belong to me.
All the Crown Bed R belong to me.

Yeah, about that last one. It definitely, for sure R belong to me, but, well, you see, my beautiful Crown Bed was where I was so very comfortably snoozing when I was snatched up and stuffed in that wicked PTU just last Tuesday. So, while I have reclaimed the living room for my very own, I seem to have a subconscious aversion to the Blue Beauty
Since you were all so wise in your advice to the Human to keep her grabby hands off me and let me proceed at my own pace, she says she will not just plop me in there. She feels kinda bad though--as well she should, Kitties, as well she should. 

P.S. Oh, yesterday's quiz? Spitty Lite is on the bottom!


  1. Spike it with the 'Vine!

    We have spoken.

  2. Make her pay. Refuse to go back there ever. She will rue the day she spent that money on a beddie you will no longer use.

  3. That bed would be lots better with nip and treats, wouldn't it? We aren't sure we could avoid it with those enticements.

  4. That bed needs extra encouragement - when it's knee deep in treats, then maybe have a sniff.
    Now King Spitty, sirrah, did your memory get removed as well as your little swimmer sacks? There is a King Kitty Cat of Finland (South) and Äiti sent his addy to your email, and you even said he you were going to visit his bloggie. And now you ask if there's a vacancy and you can have it? PAH! Is this another remarkably unsubtle attempt to get your paws into Europe? What exactly is your agenda here, matey ? I mean, how would you feel if I asked to take over monarchy of Alaska ? It's a bit forward, innit? Usually a claim for kingship is related to some ancestral connection and we are unaware of any famous black panthers trawling around the history of Helsinki, slinking up to every girlcat they meet and inviting them into their pink beddie for a cuddle.
    I am wondering why your whiskers are getting twitchy and you are wanting to branch out across the pond ? Aren't there sufficient girlcats in California for your needs, or do you have a weakness for the nordic genes?
    Yours, most defensively, Punapippuri, King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) by BIRTHRIGHT. Pah!

  5. I can't blame you one bit. My mom got out the troll box tonight and staged an ambush and we all hid! Kangaroo Girl was the unlucky catnap victim, and all because she's been having some problems. And then, THEN, my mom comes home all in a snit as if SHE'D been in the troll box, Olivia yakked up the medicine the she'd been given at the robbers'--I mean cat fix-it--place, and no one wanted dinner except guess who. So yeah, never revisit the place of a catnapping I guess is the moral of that story. Or maybe I'm anticipating x number of days trying to pill and syringe the kangaroo and how very much fun THAT will be.


    So, where do you let the human sit, anyway?

  6. Humans are so easily guilted - it is fun to do!

  7. All your spitty are belong to us!!!! Can we claim him??? lol, I was laughing when I saw the title of this post, I didn't even have to read it to know the main man had, in subtle internet humor, retaken lost ground!

    Star says: Spitty, darling Spitty! You have no idea how glad I am that you were my date to that barbarians party! Thank you for staying UTB with me all night! I don't know how I could have born it without your snuggles and cuddles. And a heaping helping of nip brandy!
    I'm also so glad you're retaking your space! If you want, I can come over and cuddle in the blue crown bed with you, if your human comes at you, she'll have to get past both of us and eight paws of claws! Not to mention two mouth's full of sharp objects..

  8. Maybe if it was pink.
    ; ) Glad you're on the mend Spitty.

    xo, Katie

    So have you thought any more about ::bribery:: ?
    Name your price, your majesty.

    heh heh.

  9. We're with Katnip Lounge on this one. Rub sumthing like silvervine or catnip in it. Delishus and irresistible!

  10. We second what Katnip Lounge wrote. Sprinkle some of em 'vine on the Crown Bed and we bet you'll be rolling in there in no time. :)

  11. They R all yours? Show em who's boss!

  12. Querido King Spityy tenha paciência com sua humana.

  13. I knew you would reclaim what is yours on your own terms!

  14. Why, of course! The entire house actually belongs to you!

  15. Keep up the guilt trip on yor Humom...Get as much out of it as ya can :)
    Lovs ya Spitty xx00xx

  16. Maybe you need a bit of pink encouragement, Spitty? But I knew you would venture in. After all it is your territory by right!

    Hey did you hear there have been spurious comments made about our buddyship!!! Methinks there are some dirty tricks apaw!!

    We are quite diffident about canvassing your vote, but if you feel so inclined, our door is always open and the niptinis are always pink .. errr… fresh! >^,,^<

  17. Me thinks she should just put it on the bed. That's where my cat bed is. Right at Pop's feet. Of course, I wouldn't DREAM of using it at night. Anyway, it's only been a week. She should learn some patience.

  18. Hmmm
    The Bed still belongs to yous, but yous is not laying in it!

  19. I knew Spitty Lite was the second one and I failed to say so! Dang!

    Hey, that crown beddy will probably be vacant until somecat comes and invites a snuggle in it with you. Maybe. We cats have long memories. You remember the Admiral and mommy when she had to go to the v-e-t. Fool her, Admiral, once, shame on you. Fool her again...ain't gonna happen. Same with you. <3

  20. Spitty
    we are all so happy to see you comfortable again with your domain.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  21. Hey, Spitty's human...a little nip in that crown and Spitty will soon be King of his castle once again!!

  22. Hiya Spitty! Thanks for visiting my bloggie! And sweet looking crown you got there! I love it :)

  23. yeah, well I know I am gonna get scruffed tonight or tomorrow..gotta get my mani pedi..rats! I hate it...let ya know where I end up after...probably UTB for a while...

  24. I feel fur you handsome Spitty, being snatched from your crown bed. Mom snatched me from a sound sleep and I was in that PTU befurre I knew it.
    xoxo Kassey

  25. Hey, Spitty, you asked how I keep my furs all nice. It's funny you ask that because the mom always comments that my furs are so nice and shiny. But it always wasn't that way with me. When I first came to live here, my furs were dull and greasy looking. The mom thought they musta fed me cheap foods at the shelter. She started feeding me good foods and my furs got all nice. But I think the main reason why my furs are nice and yours might get all crazy is because I've got short furs and yours are a little on the long side. And long furs can be harder to manage. Maybe your human could try a little mouse or gel?? Or how 'bout a haircut??? ;)

  26. You should refuse to go back into Blue Beauty until AFTER the Human sprinkles catnip, silvervine and your favorite treats in it. It R yours, for sure, though!


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