Monday, August 13, 2012

Look: My Book!

The beauteous and wondrous Savannah
had a contest a little while back
and I won one of the prizes!
Can you imagine, Kitties? Me!

Anyway, it arrived the other day
and I was the first to investigate:
It is a book full of exciting and heartwarming stories,
which I am making my Human read to me before bedtime.

Thanks, Savannah! I love my book!


  1. First!!!!
    It's so cool to win a prize! Once we won Max's book and Sparkles book too!
    You are right. Our people are way too old to be out until the wee hours partying and acting like they did 30 years ago. In fact mom was just saying that very thing this morning!

  2. We heard that was a really good book. Tell Mom we want a review. Happy Tuesday, Spitty!

  3. Well, it is about a DOG, so I am a bit suspicious, but we would enjoy a review, Spitty.

  4. Hey Spit! I won that too and it just came today!! We have so much in common. We are academic pinkaphiles! Go figure!

    Will go say hi to Brian and swap chap jokes and compare blankets. Chow, Buddy =^..^=

  5. A book about dogs? Hurry up and read the book, Spitty. We want a review!

  6. ..And wanted to know my "secret"? Well, Katie spilled it all out on her recent post. Oh oh Spitty...are you turning green?

    Your pal, Boomer

  7. Oh Spitty, a book about dogs. Actually we think that book looks really good. You are one lucky cat to win that. And when is the review going to be?? Nothing like a little pressure on you. Take care.

  8. Hay Spitty, wez soo lucky cos wez won that book too. :) Our's is on it's way :)
    Have a great day..
    One of yor favourite woofies Mollie x

  9. A new book and about Woofies too? Please tell us what you think of it. Concats, King Spittola. <3 And by the way, I think Austin has a great idea. You three Pinkaphiles, yourself, Austin and Brian are a fun trio and need to share your experiences and chap jokes with us as well 'cause we wanna laff too.

    I will hop into the tunnel again right after my nap and head to your place, pick you up and we'll come here for brunch (hams and haff&Haff) and if you like, we can pick up Austin if he's available and make a quick trip to Brian's. I'm sure his Sisfurs will be glad to see you two hansum mancats. I hope they don't hiss at ME though.

  10. Cocats on your noo book, that's a grate prize! On a related an top sekrit note: teh Benny haz noo fudz an I duzn't eat them. They hoomanz rooins efurrything.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Cocats on your noo book, that's a grate prize! On a related an top sekrit note: teh Benny haz noo fudz an I duzn't eat them. They hoomanz rooins efurrything.

  13. I'll bet that book is woofin good!

  14. I had to look that book up. As long as it's about rescues and flying dogs, OK. I was afraid it was about some dog-worshiping cult or something, which just would not be acceptable.

  15. Hey Spitty!
    Me wants to hear about the book too!

  16. Hiya Spitty! Blushing did a whole post about getting book! How nice. And a review would be great, hope you do it. Special soft paw pats Savannah

  17. I got one too but TW tears up every time she opens it. She must be crazy.

  18. Coolies! Looks like a good book! Bedtimes stories? Star wants to teleport over at bedtime, curl up with you and listen too!

  19. Fabulous Spitty!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  20. Spitty você é um gatinho de sorte.

  21. Oh that's sooo pawesome! We gotted one too, and can't wait for Mommy to make us a lap to sit in so's we can read it!

  22. A book about "DOGS????"

    hmmmm...something is WRONG with this picture....hell if you wanted a book about DOGS I could have written you VOLUMES about my Sheltie brother, Dakota.....MOL!!

    Seriously, CONCATULATIONS!!! Enjoy your DOG book!
    Your pal,

  23. That looks like a great book, Spitty. Congrats on winning it!!

  24. Now that is some neat prize you've won, Spitty.

  25. Hey, Spitty!
    Wow-you are a beautiful cat! Why are you called Spitty?
    I hope you liked your book...which is actually also my book because I wrote it. So glad you won it. Don't worry if the stories in it seem sad at first--they all turn out happy at the end.
    -Patrick Regan
    Dog Is My Copilot author

  26. SPITTY!!!! did you see that the author of the book, Dog Is My Co Pilot left you a comment????? OMC!!! He NEVER even did that for me!!! You are so lucky!!! sure to give him some Paw Pats from Savannah...purrrsss


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