Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not-A-Garden-Tour #17: Emeryville

On one of the last outings of their summer break 
--the Human's first official faculty meeting is August 15 ::sob, sob::--
the Human and A&W&M's Dad
went for a stroll along the shore in beautiful ::cough, cough::

Here are some highlights:
Talk about a buzz-kill!
But hey--at least it doesn't say "No CATS"!
Looky! Pretty boats(aka Money Pits)
The downside of this lovely stroll is that a good 50% of it runs right along Interstate 80.
Snoopy and the Red Baron battle it out on pilings near a small pier.

Well, that's it for today's Not-A-Garden-Tour.  Step right on up to that 
dog-free "rustic boardwalk" for a nice fish taco and a frosty Meowgarita


  1. I love your not a garden tours! And how cute you look basking by the water!

  2. Yummy! We think we'd like this woofie-free zone, too! Happy Thursday, Spitty.

  3. "Slippery when wet"...why is that even necessary? Duh.
    And why on earth are you hanging out so close to the water, Spitty!

  4. You need to steal one of those and be a Spitty Baron!

  5. Hey Spit! Is one of those planes a spit, Spit? We could have some Red Baron moments. Cool. OK I know the Red Baron didn't fly a spit, Spit!

    PeeEss your human might not like you to see my stash! There's a statute of limitations on the decomposition.

  6. That the answer to all your prayers Spitty, just take off in one of those planes there. Either one will do, the blue or red. So see you soon. Take care.

  7. Spitty, you going to take one and fly over here?

    xxoo See you Saturday.

  8. Wot..NO dawgs..but Kitties are allowed..What's de world comin too??
    You do look great though :)
    Happy Thurday...cos it's not Wednesday here now.
    Mollie xx

  9. Looks like a fun place to hang out Spitty!

  10. MOL, "rustic!" My mom once lived in a place advertised as "rustic." She managed to last two weeks.

    My old bro Eddie liked it because there were lizards and stuff in it.

  11. Wow1 Me would like to go down to the end of the pier that has Snoopy and the Red Baron! Me can see me with the Red Baron now....

  12. You going away from it all by the water? Good idea.

  13. Hi Spitty, it looks very nice place to stroll along. I don't live near the ocean but I wish I did. You seem to be having fun out there :-)

  14. Nice Not-a-Garden Tour, King Spitty! If you're going to jump in one of those planes, be sure to wave when you fly over our house, okay?

  15. hey, I know it wasn't THAT bad!!! MOL, paw pats, Savannah

  16. You know those planes do look kitty sized. I say you should fly one home Spitty!

  17. We're bellying up to the bar, Spitty. Get those meowgaritas ready!

  18. Of course the sign doesn't say anything about there being no cats allowed. I'm thinking that maybe... just maybe... the sign was written by one! hehehe...


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