Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Has the Hots a Little

Hey! It was 77° here today! 
It's fan weather, Kitties! And I needed to check it out! 

Can you tell I am feeling better?
In fact, you might even say I am back in the pink!
~Blurry photos courtesy of Guess Who Productions~


  1. Glad to see your majesty is up to a little stretching and inspecting. That fan looks mighty powerful.
    While your human grades papers and mine pretends to be a teacher (we never see any papers here: thanks to our shredding power she doesn't risk bringing them home), there is much diplomatic pondering going on here, and there will be an important blog post about your aspirations for a European paw-hold tomorrow. We need assurances all intentions are peaceful and that there will be no pillaging of innocent little european girlcats. Or mancats.

  2. Glad to see you're gettin back to normal, Spitty! We were worried bout all those girlcats left hangin!

  3. King Spitster, could you perhaps ask your human to leave the computer on when she goes to work so you can study a little geography. Now, the Isle of Wight is not exactly my dominion: Europe is a big place (and cannot simply be 'done' in one coach trip) and made of separate countries, each with different laws and often royal lineages. And if you are talking waltzing into a castle anywhere in the UK, you have to be careful. The Isle of Wight has THREE castles, and that is too much for one kitty. Even for you. There are some things which are attractive about the Isle of Wight, such as a small population of red squirrels, but we imagine after three minutes of your occupation the population would be even smaller.
    Please just be patient and perhaps you will be rewarded in some way, but you must understand that we europeans keep out of other kitties' countries and respect borders. Just because in the past the British governments invited special relationships with your republican leaders, doesn't mean you can plant your cruise missiles anywhere you like on British soil. And as Äiti is no longer on British soil, you need to deal with us Finncats and Finn rules, and you are very likely to cause all sorts of offense with your dramatic pawing and clawing at our territory. We have a big history of Russian invasion so are understandably cautious when it comes to usurpers and invaders, so just quit twitching, sneak back into that ever so mancatly pink beddie and wait until tomorrow's blog for the next development as we have something very, very special in the pipeline, but like all good leaders I need to consult my subjects.
    Now I must go and count my magic fishies.

  4. Blurry or not, King Spitty, you're still gorgeous! Trying to steal the fan from the human? It should be pointed directly on your royal self so that your silky furs can have that wind blown look!

    Leo objects, he did not damage those fevvers! He just dragged them across the room and pulled them from their bag! They don't look bedraggled, they look fluffed!

    Star says: I'd like to share a feather bed with you, Spitty dear.. my place tonight? I'll get my claws on those feathers and make a soft beddy for us and our niptinis.

  5. 77 would be the COOLS here... But September in the tent in the back yard will be like that. Until we snuggle!!!

    ~ Iza

  6. You like fans too, Spitty? Before my human's boyfriend got an iPhone noise app for sleeping, he used to have a fan on at night and I would scare my human by playing with the plastic grating - she was worried I would put my paw through it!

  7. Humans need to realise that leaving cords hanging about is just asking for kitties to play with them.

    Ambassador Schonheit

  8. 77 degrees is HOT! So did you eventually reach the fan?

  9. Oh's youz look back on form Spitty :) that's just great..Luv's ya loads xx00x
    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Spitty, I await with eager attention for Punapippuri's declaration of available Countries and possessions. Where will it be and who will be under your paw? XXOO

  11. Spitty, tell your 'you know who productions' that we have the same company that takes our pictures so not to worry about a little fuzzy. We think they are great and it is super to see you back in the 'pink'.

  12. I iz so happy you iz feeling betters dear Spitty. I hates to say 77 iz nawt a heatwayve if you lives in teh desert. It iz 100 here efurry day! I hiss! *pawhugs*

  13. I knew you would not let that keep you down for long Sir!

  14. 77°? Time to put on the winter coat! Oh, wait. I guess that's here. Never mind.

    77°! I'll send Caroline over to personally fan you!

  15. Glad to hear you are up and around pal.

  16. "Guess Who Productions" MOL!!! MOL!!!

    Spitty we are sooooooo happy that you are "back in the pink!" but we do have one favor to ask you. Could you please keep your "hots" away from us? It is supposed to be 93 here tomorrow. I thought we were DONE WITH THAT CRAP and Mom and i are not amused!

    Love, Cody

  17. It is very difficult to photograph curious cats in action, but do not worry, you were beautiful anyway.

  18. 77 and you need the fan? If you had OUR weather (90s + high humidity), you'll want to sit in the fridge! Tutu says she enjoyed the little snuggle party she had with you last night but she could do without your snoring. MOL.

  19. Dear Spitty
    It looks like yous is trying to start a war with Finland again!
    And 77 degrees is not very hot! But then we lives in the very north part of the great American Desert.
    Sweet Spitty

  20. Spit, bro. Twas a bit lonely being alone in the pink! Glad you’re back, buddy.

    PeeEss Why have you declared war on Finland? And what has the Isle of Wight got to do with it?

    Confused of Cymru >^,,^<

  21. Gee, Spitty that cat from Finland thinks who the heck he is, doesn't he. Pffttt! Yes, you're back in the pink. Now that you've had your operation, you have to be careful not to gain weight so you have to keep busy. BTW, you'll find a little "present" from Katie and myself in your e-mail. Shhhh!

  22. We're having a last blast of hot summer here. 90! and In the 90's all week projected. Mom's loving it but we stay inside with the air conditioner.

  23. 77? 90?
    What are these strange numbers?
    :: googles ::

    (°F - 32) x 5/9 = °C

    (77°F - 32) multiplied by 5/9 = 25°C
    OK... that is 'nice'...

    (90°F - 32) multiplied by 5/9 = 32.2°C
    Right... that is getting a bit hotter.

    (93°F - 32) multiplied by 5/9 = 33.9°C
    Yeah, time to take the shaggy coat off and go commando.

  24. I think you look fabulous Spitty.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  25. I'm sure glad you're bouncing back, sweet sleek Spitty. Mom uses the air a lot.
    xoxo Kassey

  26. Spitty! We're glad you're feeling more like your 'ol self again...well, less a couple of things! But to us, 77 is rather's those 90s that do us in.

  27. Yay Pink is back and Spitty those productions are common in these parts too. It must be part of them being human.

  28. Oh, how we wish for the 70's! We'd settle for the 80's! Our mom has a fan just like that at work. She just loves it and couldn't work without it!


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