Monday, August 1, 2011

Irresistibly Sweet? Moi?

Well, it seems that my buddy Prancer Pie thinks so. 
After all this time, I am not sure there are really seven "unknown" things about me, but heck, I'll give it a shot.

1. I have just recently begun to explore the top of the desk and the bookshelf in the living room. Previously I was convinced trolls and ogres lived there and would eat me. Now, not so much. Disappointing, really.
2. I was such a Bad Kitten the Human did not see me for two weeks after she brought me home.
3. There has never been a kitty treat made that I will eat. Oh, I'll sniff at 'em, maybe even bat 'em around a little bit....but eat 'em? No way.
4. I almost never hide UTB anymore when other Humans come over* (though I do keep my distance. If they look especially appealing, I might go up and sniff a hand or shoe, but only if they don't get all grabby hands with me.)  *See Item 6
5. My name was Dusty (well, to be fair, I was) for about half an hour. Thank Cod that didn't stick!
6. I sometimes nap (as opposed to hide) UTB to get away from the Human and her constant nattering and well-meant-but-irritating attention.
7. I am very curious about the Humans next door and I stalk them carefully & constantly from my kitchen window. I think I've confessed this before, but it really is kind of an obsession.

I have seen these Sweet Strawberries all around, so I will invite anykitty who has not played this yet to grab the badge and do so! Thanks, Prancer Pie!

NOTE: This very morning, as I was composing my list, I was distracted by a bumblebee in the living room. I  finally had it cornered in the bedroom between the window and the curtain, when, sure enough, along comes the Human, all "Spitty, what are you doin' in here?
Well, Kitties, here comes the outrage (and I can hear the chorus of "Oh, NO"s coming from all of you):  She shooed me away (as if!!!) and then opened the window to let it out.


  1. Spitty, we can only IMAGINE why your name was changed. hmmmm.

    And the freed bee? UNACCEPTABLE. Once again.

  2. Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting about you, Spitty. Re the Bee: humans just don't get it, do they?

  3. Nice list. Now I know more about you. Seriously, does your human know anything about kitties? Sometimes I don't think so. Dusty? Fur real? At the shelter my name was Kittee and the adoption peeps begged my peeps to change it.

  4. HeeHee, I've been dusty a time or two myself!

  5. Normally I would agree about the indiginity of shooing the bumblebee away, but I still remember the nasty fly and would not want to see you get an ouchie. This would mean more touching by human hands as they see if you are alright.

  6. Willow is a smart girly and she's right. Sometimes the humans have to have their way..sometimes. Bacon? My place tonight.

  7. Concats to you Mr. Spitty !!!!

    Cool to learn more about Cool Cat like you !
    and You say no to " Kitty Treat " ?, Send it to me, Please ! I think I can handle that ..heh..heh..heh

    And I think you should not go outdoor at all, That name may come back to haunt you !

    Have a great day Spitty !!!

  8. Concats on your award, Spitty! Dude, we can't believe your mom let that bee escape! What was she thinking???

  9. We can't imagine your name as Dusty! Spitty is much sassier! We didn't know these things, so thank you fur sharing! xoxo

  10. I am glad your name was changed, Spitty suits you purrfectly! Great to get to know these things about you.

  11. Now Spitty you cornered the bee and you were ready to enjoy your reward and she shooed you away and let it where's the justice in that?
    Concats on your award...Dusty?
    Oh my we think Spitty is much better!

  12. Spitty, were we separated at birth or what? Or--maybe our moms were! About the bee? Mine would do the exact same thing!

  13. why do humans do that when we have bugs cornered? answer kitties!

    you don't like treats? can we have yours then?

    emma and buster

  14. You don't like treats, Spitty?? Really?? Next time you get some, can we have them??

    Oh yeah, about that bee. You're probably better off that your human let it fly out. I messed with one of those one time, and I'll never do it again!!


  15. you don't like ANY treats? i can't get past that lol

  16. What?! Your human released your prey??? Aaaccck!

    I loved reading your answers, BTW. I like most treats myself, unless they are the "healthy" kind with supplements. Those blow.

  17. I think you are more a Spitty than a Dusty. :) Thanks for sharing your answers with us!

  18. Your human needs to go to remedial school. Not good enough.

    Congrats on your award Spitty!

  19. Congrats on your award Spitty. Loved hearing some more little items about you. Out Mom didn't see us either when we were tiny babies for at least two weeks. UTB is where we were or behind the books in the book cases. It took her forever to even figure out where we were. We cannot believe the human let the bee out but then it may have stung you. Hope you have one super day.

  20. Sounds to us like that human did you a favor. Stalking and playing with a bumble bee can be a bit dangerous, although you probably had things under control.

    Congratulations on your award. That's sweet!


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