Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Mousie, Don't Touch Him

I might not be playing with him right now, 
but that does not mean you can just put your smelly skin-paws all over him.

(And keep your mitts off my cigar also.)
*  *  *  *  *

It has been a hard few days. Though we did not really know Miss Peach, we are purring for her furriends and family, and we are so very sorry about little Beignet, who ran off to keep Sweet Praline company across the Bridge. We are sending purrs and healing thoughts to Truffle and Mom Paula as they begin their new life and adventures together. We know they were made for each other.
Love to all, Spitty & His Human


  1. That's right, your mousie it is fur sure! We were so very sad about sweet Miss Peach and sweet little Beignet is almost too much sadness.

  2. Is that the mousie you were thinking about while you ate your dinner?

  3. We wouldn't dare touch your mousie or cigar, Spitty!

    Yes, it's been a rough time around the CB, very sad--a real shock with regard to Beignet, actually.

  4. Dear Spitty,
    Yous lucky yous has toys! Cinnamon has chomped all of ours, Not only is there DOG slobber on everything, she chewed a hole in Kozmo's Nip Banana!!
    Me will miss Miss Peach very much and though we had not gotten to know Beignet well yet, we loves his Mom Paula and sends purrs to her and Truffle.

  5. So that's a cigar! I was wondering what it was. ;)

  6. Mommy and I both were sads. Thank goodness you came over and got UTB with me where we could talk it over and comfort one another. And the half and half was fantastic. Must have come from your private stock. Nommy.


  7. No humans should ever touch the cat's toys. I'm pretty sure that's a law.

    Yes, it's been a very sad week. Kodak also went to the Bridge on Saturday.

  8. OOPS ! I touch it before I heard what you said, what you is going to do with me, buddy...I think I should run first ! Catch me if you can, Buddy ; )

  9. Uh oh - we definitely WON'T be touching your mousie!

    And we are sorry to hear about Miss Peach and Beignet.

  10. I wouldn't touch your mouse without permission. I even leave Buddah's mousies alone.

    But the nip banana...I can't help myself, I even nom on his, even though I have my own. I think it might even be better than your nip cigar! SRSLY!!!

  11. Boodie thinks she can play with any of my toys! Fortunately, my human has hidden my favorites.

  12. Just too much sadness this week Spitty...too much.

    And we hope your toys are safe!

  13. I would nefur touch your mousie or Kit's purple fever-butt mousie. I might sneak your cigar though -- I love mine!

    It is so sad about Miss Peach and Beignet. We did not know Miss Peach, and were just getting to know Beignet, but it is always so sad when someone has to run off to the Bridge. A sad time for the CB.

  14. Spitty it is your play prerogative to hold onto the toys as when humans pick up toys they usually end up put away.

  15. Dang...we were gonna go for the nip cigar...until that last line. Spitty, you're tough.

  16. Thank you for your kind thoughts about Beignet. I'm still in shock. All of this because of a reaction to a vaccination.

    Mom Paula

  17. It truly has been a sad, sad week. But, we got our AC working and we're very excited bout that! We understands the impawtantness of teachin efurrybody what yours is yours and what's their's is yours. Guard that mousie closely, my furriend. Purrs.

  18. Spitty, is that a catnip cigar or are you just glad to see us?


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