Friday, September 21, 2012

PawPaw Platter

Long ago, in the Land Before Time Began, a restaurant in San Francisco called Trader Vic's had a fancy signature dish called the PuPu Platter, which offered a selection of very Americanized Polynesian-style delicacies. 
The Human, who has lately developed a wearisome (and frankly rather disturbing) interest in my little feets, was reminded of this as she prepared to publish today's post.

P.S. Once again, we apologize for our poor visiting performance the past few days. As usual, the Human is just chock-a-block with excuses, but honestly, who wants to even hear them?


Remember this little guy?
Well, guess who gotted a furever 
home this week? Yep, Little Dillon 
found a family of his very own!
The Human's glad she got to meet
him, even just the one time.


  1. What adorable little pawsies! I think I should lick them a while... ~ Iza

  2. We totally understand your human's obsession... We're rather obsessed with your black jelly bean toesies ourselves!

    Star says: XOXOXO I'd lick your toes and your nose..

    Yay for Dillon!!!!!!

  3. What adorable feets!

    We're happy to hear that Little Dillon found a forever home.

  4. Dude, they are pretty awesome feet. You gotta expect the humans to fawn over them. And fall at them. When carrying plates of tuna preferably.

  5. Our Mommy always talks about kitteh paws bein delishus. This gives us concern....

  6. I'll pu-pu with your paw-paws anytime, Spitty!!!
    ; ) Katie

    YAY for sweet Dillon!

  7. PuPu platter sounds delish :D

  8. Paws up for Dillon! Spitty, tell your human to keep her grubby hands away from your paws.

  9. Hey Spitty. Power up your tunnel and hurry on over to Katie's place. The pawty is in full swing and Tutu is getting agitated that you aren't here yet (trust me, you really don't want to make her mad). She's a little sore from mixing niptini's non-stop and she wants you to massage her little shoulders.

    The pawty co-host, Boomer

    PS/ Great news about Dillon and his forever home!

  10. I bet those paw paws are tastier than puu puts! Now here' another "food: for thought: in some places, Pawpaw means papaya. Can you human do anything with that?

  11. Those paws have got Äiti all gooey too. What is it about our toe pads? Anyway you don't want to hear what she wants to do them but just get ready to stick your claws out.
    Little Dillon is cute - we are glad he has a home, but what a shame he couldn't be a little subject of yours, a pikku prinssi for you to mould in your own image.

    And you are doing well on Kiimamaa. If you go to google translate, you can listen to the pornunciation there. Basically it is
    Key-ma- maaaa
    Say key so it is twice as long as usual. Ma like in mama, and maaaaa so it rhymes with baaa like a sheep. The letter a in ma and maa sound the same, just longer in maa. There's no emphasis on any syllable so it all sounds like a monotone.
    We are impressed you can speak though! And maybe we are relieved you agreed to Kiimamaa as some other places might be more difficult to say: for instance my local lake is Pyykösjärvi. Hehehehe

  12. Our human remembers having the occasional PuPu Platter, back when she lived in Halifax. But it didn't include any kitty toesies, thank cod.

    Hurrah for little Dillon, we hope he has a long and happy life in his forever home!

  13. Those are good looking paws. We are so lucky, our Person doesn't mess with our paws. That is so exciting about Dillon got a home. We like hearing good news like that. Hope you and Mom have a great day Spitty. Take care.

  14. King tootsies are pretty special Spitty! Hooray for Little Dillon!!!

  15. Spitty mate, you are on the verge of becoming adorable! I should nip that in the bud, soonest!

    Re bacon beer. Personally I have never tried it.. well only without the beer! In Scotland they like to deep fry things, like Mars bars, but don't think even the Scots would deep fry bacon beer! So, it could be a marketing opportunity, buddy! Wanna go into business?

  16. Yeah, Dillon got a forever home..yipee. You do have rather sexy tootsies Spitty...MOL xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  17. Oh SPITTY! those toesies! And mom MAY...I say MAY try to squeeze into the tunnel ( she will never evah fit!) and gather all your paws and start...wait for it...wait for it...kissing them. Ewwwwww.

  18. Oh and I DO remember Dillion who is adorable. I got carried away wif your toesies. I am so happies he got his own family. I hope they deserve him. Xxoo

  19. Hey, Spitty...go with the human on this. You may just score some extra treats from her.

    Yay for Dillon!

  20. Mom remembers Trader Vic's! Niceaws buddy!

  21. My mom thinks she may have even eaten at Trader Vic's! But remember a.) she is old with a fading memory to match and b.) Zim's. I think that about wraps *that* up.

    Anyway, she *also* has a cat toe fetish. She likes to "massage" our feet even if we don't want her to. Russell is the only one who tolerates it without snapping. And Caroline! Snapping and screaming!

    And yet she persists.

  22. I remember Trader vic's from ohhhh sooooo long ago!!! And the Pu Pu platter!

    Love those toes!

    I mentioned you on our blog last thursday :)

  23. We're so happy about Dillion finding a forever home!

  24. Awww... Dillon is such a cutie. He's gonna make some peeps really, REALLY happy. purrs

  25. What I find worrying is the association between the Polynesian-style delicacies and your feet!
    Yeah for Dillon!

  26. Hi Spitty I love your pawpaw platter :-) Until some point, I thought pupu platter was poopoo platter.
    Congratulations to Dillon!

  27. Hooray for Dillon! Glad TW isn't the only one with a foot, er, paw fetish around here.

  28. Love your feets, and we're thrilled to know Dillon has his very own home!


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