Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

No, Kitties, I have not been in Egypt (though they might be better off if I had been)!  No, I have been here at home, suffering from every kind of neglect imaginable from my irresponsible and inattentive Human.

Really, you don't want to get me started on this topic! I was left alone for 15 (fifteen!) hours straight both Wednesday and Thursday--no blogging! no scritches! no playtimes! no food! (Oh, well, yeah, okay, that last one is a lie. But it could have been true--I was beginning to despair of new fudz appearing in my bowl!)

And then Friday, she actually came home on time for a change! I was excited: Toy time! Scritches! Blogging! Visiting! Early dinner! Yay!

Alas, what transpired was this:  She took a nap instead. A NAP, Kitties! Can you believe the callous indifference she displayed toward all my feline needs?

Yeah, I've heard it all now: The explanations, the apologies, the promises of better behavior in the future. But I dunno. This was pretty bad. I'll have to think about it. Or maybe take a nap. Yeah, that's a good idea.


  1. I've heard those nap things can get you into big time trouble!

  2. She better be making it up to you with tunas my friend.

  3. Spitty...demand a recount. Er..I mean demand treats! Demand a treat at 2:00AM! Never mind, I'll be over later with a treat if you are recovered from the Lsdy Cats of the Lounge. ♥♥♥

  4. Spitty, Thanks Cod ! You are a survivor : ) 15 hours !!! That's so long !!!!
    I hope she make it up for you double in everything.
    Have a great nap, buddy !

  5. Spitty
    We were gettin all worried.
    Hopefully she'll make it all up to you.
    A nice BIG catnip plant would be a good start.


  6. Hey Spitz. Man, talk about a trial and tribulation! Sheesh! What WAS she thinking?

    That Woman says someone should take this photo of you and make it into a valentine for all us hot babe kitties out here who admire you. You are positively heart shaped in that pose & your floof tail is cat's pajamas. SHE say's.. whatever that means.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  7. Wow, total abandonment fer 2 days and then she comes home and NAPS! Bite her toes...

  8. Spitty, how you manage to survive is beyond imagination. You KNOW what we recommend: a well placed and ill-timed (for the Human)huge runny yak.
    We LOVE Ms Stella's suggestion; can you do a full stretch tummy up pose for us girls?

    Oooh la la!

  9. Hi Spitty! We missed you!! You're human has some 'splaining to do!!

  10. Humans can be disappointing sometimes, that's for sure!

  11. You look VERY floofy in that photo, Spitty-the-Kitty! LOVE the tail! We're sorry you were neglected - there must be a happy medium between your situation and our recent 'stuck at home mom' event.

  12. Spitolla, did your Mom bring you home a pet angora rabbit that is sleeping next to you or is that your tail? Impressive furs!

    Seriously, you need to get your human in line. You should never be neglected for so long!

  13. That is awful misbehavior on your human's part, Spitty! My human was gone all afternoon and evening and did not get home until 10 tonight! Which means we all got dinner way, WAY late! That was bad enough. I think your human has been worse.

  14. I think you should punish the woman in many unexpected ways.

  15. Wow, that is just terrible what your human did, Spitty. The nerve! In any case, we are glad you are back, because we missed you!

  16. Poor Spitty! You had such a hard time. Now your human is at home, napping unguarded, it's payback time!


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