Friday, June 3, 2011

Consider the Lowly Jar

On the surface, a mere decorative item atop an unassuming little chest:
Ah! But once the lid is removed (::cue music::)....a veritable treasure trove of small toys being imbued with the intoxicating scent of Valerian root. It's so strong, the Human keeps it in a plastic bag that is only opened the eensiest bit. Although I find the scent delightful, the Human says she does not want the whole room to reek of Eau de Stinky Feet.
And finally today, on a completely unrelated matter, I was STARVING when my Human came home this afternoon! Do you see the empty breakfast plate? Usually I don't even eat all my breakfast till like 6:00 p.m. and I don't get my dinner till maybe 9:00. But today? Even the Human could see I was all fainty with hunger so I got an extra portion right away. Some days, she IS observant..

PeeEss:  Ha ha ha ha! Sorry to mislead you. My Human does NOT scrapbook! No, no, no--someone ELSE scrapbooks and invited coworkers to contribute a page to a couple of books for some Humans who are retiring from her school. The Human stumbled through a store called Michael's, spending a ridiculous amount of green papers on an equally ridiculous excess of materials to try and make her two measly pages. It was pretty hilarious to watch as she struggled to cut out little things and place them artfully upon the page and glue them down without making too much of a mess. Sad, sad, sad--yet almost more entertaining than Bird TV!


  1. The "lowly" jar is not only pretty, it has treasure inside!

    Ah, thanks for the scrapbooking clarification. LOL. Our mom goes into Michaels now and again for other things and has seen all the pretty scrapbooking items, but truth be told, hasn't the patience for that kind of creative work.

    Our mom's short on patience (and attention) for a lot of things!

  2. My mommy has NO patience at ALL with scrapbooking BUT she did make one. Of me of course. It does costs a lot of green papers to do, too. The results are beautiful when someone other than mommy does it.

    Spitty, you are so understanding as I am of you about, ahem, well, you know. XOXOXOX♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  3. I've still never tried that stinky root stuff...hey, did she stave you again Spitty?

  4. Spitty!

    No place mat again, we see. And crumbs on your tray. AND no back up food! Your Human is getting slack, almost as bad as ours. Although we get place mats.

    Ain't the Root the Best? Primo.

  5. At least she is somewhat attentive to the food situation and you got more.

  6. That jar does indeed hold treasures! :)

    We are glad your Human paid attention today, Spitty. We wouldn't want you starving!

  7. Your human's scrapbooking experience sounds like our mom's then! haha She dropped a lot of dough on a bunch of crap. And we LOVE the treasure jar! That one ball with the yarn or whatever around it is Fuzzy's favorite toy evah. And she's not much of toy girl, really.

  8. You want see something almost as funny as your human trying to scrapbook two pages? Watch my human try to solder a loose wire - she can take something that needs a small fix and totally RUIN it forever! Humans! Fortunately it does not take any skill - or at least not much - to change a litter box.

    Our valerian is kept in the should-be-catio so the smell does not waft inside the house!

  9. U haz THE jar of WONDERS??? ooooohhhhhh....

    Who's the CAT? YOU THE CAT!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  10. Spitty
    Mom has never given us the root, is it better than nip?
    We love your pretty jar!


  11. I have NO patience for scrapbooking either. Just what I need. Something ELSE to have to work on lol.

    I love where your Mom keeps your goodies!! "Stinky feet??" Noooo way!

  12. Man, Spitty, we're glad your human fed you when she did. We woulda hated it if you passed out from hunger.

  13. You survive on 2 wet meals a day? Wow! We get a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, an a bedtime wet meal. With a handful of kibble between each!

    Of course that might be cuz we just wont eat wet food that is an hour old...

  14. Ha..Ha..Ha..Eau de Stinky Feet ! Do you allow to open that bag on your special day such as Birthday or Blogoversary or Gotchaday ?
    That will be awesome when everyone come to your pawty and the whole room will fill of smell of Stinky Feet !!! heh..heh..heh..I think my mom is the first collapse : )

    Have a great weekend,Spitty

  15. That is a very exotic jar filled with spices from around the world! Teri shops at Michaels too for fake flowers, cuz we eat real ones and even the plastic ones sometimes!


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