Thursday, June 9, 2011

(Still) Not-A-Garden-Tour #6

So, this is the remodeled De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, which is a mere hop, skip & half-a-jump from Chez Spit-tay. Just to the south lies the....
...Bandshell, where lots of free stuff happens, mostly in the summer. But why were The Human and her friend there at all? Surely there was some reason beyond surveying park buildings on a chilly evening?
Why yes, now that you mention it, there was! And that reason was food! Deep beneath the Academy of Science Building lies a new subterranean restaurant that is very fancy-dancy indeed. As you descend a steep flight of stairs, from the wall to your right grow pretty ferns aplenty beneath a narrow skylight high above.

The restaurant itself is unusual. This picture features the fern wall again, as well as a random mystery-person doing something unknown on the floor. The Human, whose photographic skills are, to be kind, limited, did not really capture the other interesting feature....which is a fish tank that runs low to the ground around much of the room (arrow). The dinner was delish though (over)pricey. But the fancy digs made it worth the visit anyway.   
And that, my Kitteh furriends, is where the Human 
was on a recent Caturday (and not home with me as she should have been). 
PeeEss:  Now I hear you asking yourselves the only really important question: What special treat was brought home to Sir Spitfire? Don't shout out all at once now, 
though I'm sure you all have the right answer: 
None, of course!


  1. OH SPITTY! None??? She didn't! She didn't really DO that! Surely she asked for a cat bag? Took one of the little fishies? Something? Nothing you say? Oh, Spitty. Some Gerbers will help assuage the very real and sharp pain.

  2. This is surely grounds for disciplinary action!

  3. No treat? No leftovers? No fair!

    But the mom thinks that fern wall is just so fabulous! The air quality in there would be pretty good. LOL.

    Out of curiosity, is smoking allowed in restaurants there? Provinces in Canada (at least ours) have very strict public non-smoking rules, including restaurants and bars. (The mom doesn't smoke, btw.)

  4. Interesting place. Mom would like to eat there and see the low aquarium. Your's really should have brought you some fishies. Srsly.

  5. No treats for Sir Spitfire? How RUDE!!

  6. No treats! How remiss of your peoples! Me hopes yous punished them with the back!

  7. Oh my, not even a nibble? What fun is that???

  8. Mom says that's one of those places you gotta try once just to say you've been there.

    All kitties should have a low built in fish tank like that in their homes. Eye level entertainment!

  9. Our mom used to live in SF, before us. Golden Gate is beyootiful, she says.

  10. Oh, my gosh, no treats!? Time for the Back of Disrespect!

  11. I think there is a Cat Rule against coming home from a chi-chi restaurant with no kitty bag!

  12. Spitty in all fairness to your Human, those fancy-dancy beaneries don't serve enough food for a kitty bag...which is no excuse. she should have gotten an ENTREE just for you!

  13. Whattttt???
    A nospittytreat?
    After leaving you alone and lonesome, she didn't bring you a sliver or anything ... a small tasty morsel of divine nominess?
    Oh Spitty this is undefendable.
    It's time to give her a little reminder of your affection!
    Yeah it is.

  14. first we thought this was YOUR garden and Mom felt really like a loser ( gardening she IS).

    Nothing for you? Hmmmm....maybe our Mom isn't so bad!!
    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  15. Inexcusable. Really. That is right up there with our mom sneaking fish and chips in the car just so she doesn't have to share.

  16. Spitty, we really gotta do something about that human of yours.

  17. The human might need some remedial training. This is getting out of hand.


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