Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Kitty Under the Influence

OMC, Kitties
Gather round, now, because I have a story to tell you, and it's really an exciting one!
It starts with this envelope, all the way from Malaysia!

Inside was a sweet Krissymouse card from my furriends at Whisppy.

And inside that was Silvervine powder. The Whisppy's Human thoughtfully enclosed a nice sheet of instructions for the proper administration of this ambrosial substance!

The Human got out a festive little plate...

. . .and let me have at it!

The Human could not believe her eyes! I mean, I like the Nip okay, depending on my mood, but I never get really crazypants on it or anything. But this stuff, well, THIS was different. 
First, I drooled and drooled and consumed every.last.grain of this stuff. Then I schnuzzled and schnarfled the plate, then I fell over right on the table, and rolled and stretched, and drooled and groomed myself, and went all glassy-eyed.

And then I jumped down and then I ran to find my Nip Cigar for some further nuzzling. . .

. . . and then I rolled over under the coffee table and drooled and groomed some more.

And then I had to go UTB for awhile to recover. And then I really, really, really had the munchies so I ate up all my foodz. And then I got in my pink snuggly bed and went to sleep.

I don't think I better have this stuff verreh often or somekitties will have to do an Intervention.

Thanks, Whisppy. Silvervine Powder is the Bomb!!


  1. oh I haz got to haz me sum of that!

  2. Whoa...that's the good stuff!

    Can hardly wait until your Secret Paws post!



  3. We kitties all need to find a source in the USA for that stuff!

  4. Dear Spitty - Did yous dream of me? Did yous gets a hang over?
    That sure looks like potent stuff!

  5. Surely you can share with your special lady-cat, initials CK. Spoil-sport TW wants to know if its safe.

  6. Oh, we might need to try some of that. Wow!

  7. Our mom doesn't let us have nip yet, so we guarantee she won't let us have any of that silver stuff.

    Truffle and Brulee

  8. Wow, that must be some powerful stuff! Merry Krissymouse to you, my friend!

  9. Yeay!! It arrived and we see Spitty really enjoyed it. :) Ling drooled the first time she inhaled silvervine but nowadays, she just flumps on the ground and rolls around. Will be interesting to know how Spitty reacts the next time.

    Tip : sprinkle some silvervine onto a towel or pillow and let Spitty loose. Heh heh heh. Oh, and remember the camera.

  10. That looks like amazing stuff!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  11. Wow Pitty you are jollier that old St Nick!!!

  12. Admiral got some from Boomie and it arrived a day or so ago but she would like me to save it for another baby by and by, I think.

    Enjoy sweet Spitty. Love and hugs.

    Mom Carole

  13. We have to get some that stuff. Does anyone know where to get some in the USA?

  14. Dude, you get drugs from Malaysia? WOW! I'll have what you're having!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

    Pppsesss: That Woman is still laughing at the 'The Unworthy' comment!

  15. Soundz like you celebrated New Yearz Eve 1st ^..^
    we needz sum ov dat Stuff :0
    Head bonkz Dude & Merry Chrismouse ^..^ ~

  16. OMC, that silvervine sounds AMAZING! I want some!

  17. Wow! And you got it past customs too. Pawsome!

  18. Whoa Spitty
    That is some powerful stuff!

  19. DOOOOD! I have to find some of that!!! It looks like kitty crack on steroids!

  20. Holy moly! Spitty, dude, that must me some powerful stuff!! Where can we get some???

  21. That looks like some good stuff, Spitty! We want some!!!

  22. Don't you do the exact same thing when you think about Caroline?

  23. Oh I'm going straight over to check out Whisppy now! :o)

  24. I have never hears of that.. looks like it is great stuff.

  25. And it got through customs???!!!!!
    Apparently the package sniffing woofies know kitties have to have their fun!

  26. Wow, we have nevver even HEARD of that stuff!

  27. Our Mommie just went to Amazon and bought us some of this stuff based upon your recommendation. Thanks Spitty.


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