Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can you find my nose?

Hello, Kitties!  Here I am all tucked up inside my tent (though you can't exactly see the tent!).  I am still steering clear of the Grump.

The Human has had many a root canal, but never one like this. She is seriously bummed, in considerable misery, and ready to call that endodontist and give him a piece of what's left of her mind. She has missed some fun activities this three-day weekend, which is making her even crabbier than usual. Thank Cod my fudz have arrived on schedule!

I really hope she will help me visit later, but frankly I am not holding my breath.


  1. Spitty, you look pretty comfy there. And yes, we see your nose!!

    Hope the human is better soon.

  2. Sooo sorry for your Mom! Was the tooth infected before they did the root canal? I heard that people who have infected teeth BEFORE the root canal are the ones who have a harder time. So sorry! Feel better!

  3. We see your nose! Spitty-the-Kitty, please do not rush your mom into visiting. She needs to take care of herself while she feels so crummy. We hope she starts feeling better soon!

  4. We see your nose! You seem very cozy in that tent but we are sure sorry that your mom's tooth is still hurting her so much. Purrs from the cat kids that she feels better soon.

  5. OK, we WILL feel bad for your sounds like her tooth is seriously pounding sand awful.

    Maybe something is wrong? Should she go to the ER or call the endoquackist for a check? Encourage wouldn't want your food supply cut off!

    And keep an eye on Mr. Nippy, she might get desperate!

  6. Well, if your food is arriving on time, then it can't be all that bad. For you, at least, Spitty.

  7. Yes! Yes we can! Its where the whiskers go in... Ya cant fool a cat about cat stuff!

  8. Spitty, we're sorry that your Mom is being a grump. Maybe you should put some catnip in her coffee?

  9. Spitty,

    SO worry about your mom...Spitty, make sure she feel ok. My mom think the same as Caren. Because when my mom did the root canal, It's just take her one night to heal. She can't eat proper food for few days but it was no pain.

    I purrs for her to feel better so soon
    Please Take Care

  10. Help your mom go to the doctor and see what's wring. It should not be hurting like that and Spitty, I'll come and wash your face for you. I may even bring some chicken meats!!!

  11. I hope your mom feels better soon! <3

  12. Oh dear Spitty
    Your Mom does need to call that dentist, she shouldn't be in discomfort, especially now. WE will purr that she feels better very soon.



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