Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Hello, Kitties!  The mood around here has lifted a bit (thank Cod) and today was brighter all around. The Human stopped sulking around and finally put away the Krissymouse things, took out all the trash and recycling, changed my litterbox, and did the laundry. It always improves my mood when the staff takes care of these chores.

I love my scratching post. I don't often use my paws in anger but I like to keep my nails in fighting trim, just in case, you know.

Hope all you Kitties and Humans had a good weekend. We're hoping for a happier week!


  1. Glad things are looking up for you, Spitty! Have a good week!

  2. Spitty, we are glad to hear your needs have been attended to; perhaps you could give your Human a tiny smidgen of attention as a reward...maybe while she brushes you.

    We are purring for your Human tomorrow--paws crossed her day goes well.

    pee ess: we learned some really cool words yesterday; wait 'til we see you next. You'll be SHOCKED, we tell you, shocked!

  3. It is about time things began looking up! I am hoping for a brighter week here too.

  4. Oh rats, Spitty-the-Kitty, we're sorry your mom is going to have a nasty root canal done. That'll surely dig into your treats fund, but it can't be helped. It's a good thing you have that really awesome scratching post to take out your frustrations on.

  5. Glad ta hear this has been a good week, Spitty.

    We keep our claws sharp too. I (Ayla) love the horizontal cardboard scratch pad TBT made..

    And I (Iza ) love the sisal rope posts on the kitty trees.

    Scratchin is GOOD!

  6. Now I know where the sun go...To see you !
    Mine, Today is rain whole day, Spitty !
    More to come in this week but I'm alright.
    Rain doesn't bother me. Cause I'm still going out no matter what : )

    Before seeing the dentist, my mom always eat as much as she can.
    I hope your mom is going to do the same : )

    Purrs + Kisses to your mom

  7. Das Spitmeister, we are so glad your human snapped out of her fun and actually did a few chores for you today. Hope her teeth aren't hurting and her job doesn't stink too bad on Monday.

  8. I hope the week gets better and better!

  9. We're wishing you both a happier week, Spitty!

  10. This week has gotta be better for you and Mom...paws crossed! That scratcher is purrfect for you!!!

  11. glad to hear that all the chores were done and all is right with your world!

    You are one heck of a talented scratcher!

  12. Yeah, it's nice to look outside and see it BRIGHT instead of UGH. I hope it lasts, but I'm not holding my breath...

  13. Hope all the good things continue Spitty!


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