Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spitty Under Glass

Hello, Kitties!  Although the Human is 90% recovered, I still find it wise to keep some barrier between us-- you know, just in case (not that she's ever been violent or anything). She spent an actual day at work today and honestly, it was a relief to have her out of the house.

On the up side, she is certainly well enough to go to the store now and replenish the Gerber meat supply. On the down side, she says that after her long, tiring day she can hardly be expected to race out to the market.

Yes, I've been given my regular wet and dry fudz today, and yes I have eaten them, but it's the principle of the thing. I can't rest easy when the larder is so bare of potential treats.

Am I right or am I right?


  1. Of course you're right! What about her lunch hour? What was she doing then?

  2. Spitty, you are right!! Tell her to quit whining about being tired and go buy your food!!

  3. We're glad to hear your Mom is better; she now has no excuse not to go buy you some Gerber baby food=btw, we'd all love to be your "baby", handsome Spitty :)...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Oh for Pete's sake. Now we'll be up ALL NIGHT worrying about you perishing from lack of Gerber Baby Meats. (Is it REALLY made from babies?)

  5. Haha, the Lounge Kats crack us up! Well, we've been feeling pretty sorry for your human, but in this case, we think she should have bought you a jar or two of your Gerber fudz. Perhaps tomorrow. We'd offer to share our Fancy Feast with you, but we only have 5 boxes left, and we'd hate to run out...

  6. Spittola, you couldn't be MORE right. Heck, does your Mom ride Muni or Bart home from work? She must walk past a grocery store or two. You need your Gerber.

  7. The Big Thing holds us up on his shoulder often so that we can see the pantry shelf is full of our canned foods!!! That is a great comfort.

  8. Thanks COD ! your mom is getting better
    I did purrs so hard last night, To know she is better..This is my reward !!


  9. Um, what sort of babies are in baby meats?

  10. I thing Huffle might be on to something there!

  11. I agree, you have to have premium baby meats in there! That's what makes you look so awesome.
    I am so glad all of the purrs worked for your mom. ♥♥

  12. I'm glad your human has almost recovered :-)
    And you are right and your right!

  13. Oh Spitty
    Things have to improve.
    No baby meats in the house...that's gotta change.
    (we are glad your human is 90% recovered)



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